kernel news – 22.01.2013

Posted: January 22, 2013 in kernel

-James Morris has security subsystem fixes, Jeff Garzik
fixes minor stuff related to libata, and Greg KH
announces stable kernels 3.7.4, 3.4.27 and 3.0.60.

-Steven Rostedt has a ftrace bugfix:


I was going to wait off on pushing this to you, but it’s the first in
my series and it fixes a real bug. It also is just a one liner and is
Cc’d to stable. If it’s good enough for stable it should be good enough
for an -rc release.

I rebased it on 3.8-rc4 (shortly after rc4 came out) and ran it through
all my tests.

-Philipp Reisner has one drbd regression fix, Alex Williamson
has a VFIO fix for -rc5, Jaegeuk Kim has f2fs fixes, also for
-rc5, and Mark Brown has a regulator update.


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