kernel news – 18.01.2013

Posted: January 18, 2013 in kernel

-Martin Schwidefsky has s390 patches for -rc4, Gerg KH
announces kernels 3.7.3, 3.4.26 and 3.0.59, and
John W. Linville updates wireless:

This batch of fixes is intended for 3.8…

Included is a Bluetooth pull. Gustavo says:

“A few fixes for 3.8. Five of them are just new devices ids addition.
Apart from the that there is fix to a kernel memory leak to userspace from
Anderson Lizardo, two interoperability fixes from Jaganath Kanakkassery and
Szymon Janc. And a crash fix by me.”

Along with that, Amitkumar Karwar brings a pair of mwifiex fixes for
problems related to handling of band information within the driver.
These problems can lead to association failures.

Sujith Manoharan fixes a memory leak in the ath9k_htc code (originally
reported by Larry Finger).

The big hero this round is Felix Fietkau. Felix gives us seven
ath9k fixes, including a fix for a race condition, the removal of a
double-free, and a fix for a deadlock, among others.

These have all been in linux-next for at least a couple of days,
with no complaints so far. Please let me know if there are problems!

-Speaking of stable kernels, Paul Gortmaker announces the release of, with the following note:

I’m announcing the release of the kernel.

All 2.6.34 users are strongly encouraged to update.

Please also note that there will be a limited number of further
updates to the 2.6.34 line — on the order of one or two more
releases. So you may want to start thinking about your upgrade plan.

-Linus Torvalds announces kernel 3.8-rc4 :

Hey, it’s been another week already! In fact, it took me so much by
surprise that it’s been an extra day. The whole “release in the middle
of the week” thing feels odd to me.

[ That actually got me to wonder what the most common day was, and
statistically I definitely do most releases on Sunday. The “git tip of
the week” looks like this:

git log –no-walk –pretty=”%ad” $(git tag -l)

which can then be piped into

cut -d’ ‘ -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

to see the full git tagging statistics ]

Anyway, with that digression, I can happily report that -rc4 is
smaller than -rc3 despite the extra day, although not by much. There’s
not really a whole lot that stands out: apart from one new wireless
driver (the Atheros Wilocity driver) and some OMAP drm changes, the
diffstat looks pretty flat and spread out. Which just means lots of
small changes all over.

The ShortLog is appended, but it’s basically 85% drivers, with over
half the patch being to the aforementioned new wireless one and the
OMAP drm changes. There’s some other stuff there too, but it’s largely
in the noise – small ARM and s390 updates (and a smattering of SuperH
and x86), a few tiny filesystem fixes, things like that.

Go forth and test. My gut feel is that things really are calming down.
And I’d hate to be proven wrong.

-Greg Ungerer has a few fixes for m68knommu (for 3.8), and that’s all for
today, folks.


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