kernel news – 14.01.2013

Posted: January 14, 2013 in kernel

-Oleg Nesterov and uprobes:

Mostly pre-filtering. This needs more work and perhaps more functionality.
In particular, perhaps dup_mmap() should remove the unwanted breakpoints.
And we can add more ->filter() hooks to, say, speedup uprobe_register().
Plus we can do some optimizations to avoid register_for_each_vma() in
case when we know that all mm’s were previously acked/nacked.

Srikar, the only patch you did not ack explicitely is 1fecb96d
“Do not allocate current->utask unnecessary”, but afaics you do not

And the patch from Josh which exports uprobe_register/unregister for modules.
Christoph (cc’ed) doesn’t like this change, but I disagree. Whatever you
think about systemtap it is the widely used tool, and uprobes can have other
out-of-tree users. This is like kprobes, kprobe_register() is exported but
it doesn’t have a modular in-kernel user too. I do not see why should we
limit the usage of uprobes.

-Tony Prisk has some cleanups/fixes for the vt8500 serial driver,
Dave Airlie has some DRM fixes and Greg KH has -rc3 patches for
char/misc, driver-core and USB.


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