kernel news – 08.01.2013

Posted: January 8, 2013 in kernel

-Michal Simek has fixes for microblaze, aimed at -rc3,
Trond Myklebust has NFS client bugfixes and Matthew Garrett
has x86 platform updates for 3.8.

-Rafael J. Wysocki has ACPI and PM fixes for -rc3:

* Removal of some ACPICA code that the kernel will never use from Lv Zheng.

* APEI fix for erst_dbg_read() return value when persistent store is empty
initially from Adrian Huang.

* Removal of some unnecessary code from ACPI memory hotplug driver from
Liu Jinsong.

* ACPI power management fixes preventing useless messages from being printed
and correcting acpi_bus_get_device() result check.

* ACPI debug code fix to prevent some debug messages from being printed
with levels greater than KERN_DEBUG from Joe Perches.

* ACPI namespace scanning code fix to make system bus device nodes (like _SB)
get the right names (-stable material).

* PNP resources handling fixes from Witold Szczeponik.

* cpuidle fix for a recent regression stalling boot on systems with great
numbers (like hundreds) of CPUs from Daniel Lezcano.

* cpuidle fixes (one of them being -stable material) from Sivaram Nair.

* intel_idle debug message fix from Youquan Song.

* cpufreq build regression fix from Larry Finger.

* cpufreq fix for an obscure initialization race related to statistics from
Konstantin Khlebnikov.

* cpufreq change disabling the Longhaul driver by default (which apparently
is hopless to debug and fix) from Rafał Bilski.

* PM core fix preventing device suspend errors from happening during system
suspend due to obscure race conditions (-stable material).

* PM QoS local variable name cleanup.

-David Miller and networking:

1) New sysctl ndisc_notify needs some documentation, from Hanns Frederic

2) Netfilter REJECT target doesn’t set transport header of SKB
correctly, from Mukund Jampala.

3) Forcedeth driver needs to check for DMA mapping failures, from
Larry Finger.

4) brcmsmac driver can’t use usleep_range while holding locks,
use udelay instead. From Niels Ole Salscheider.

5) Fix unregister of netlink bridge multicast database handlers,
from Vlad Yasevich and Rami Rosen.

6) Fix checksum calculations in netfilter’s ipv6 network prefix
translation module.

7) Fix high order page allocation failures in netfilter xt_recent,
from Eric Dumazet.

8) mac802154 needs to use netif_rx_ni() instead of netif_rx() because
mac802154_process_data() can execute in process rather than
interrupt context. From Alexander Aring.

9) Fix splice handling of MSG_SENDPAGE_NOTLAST, otherwise we elide
one tcp_push() too many. From Eric Dumazet and Willy Tarreau.

10) Fix skb->truesize tracking in XEN netfront driver, from Ian


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