kernel news – 27.12.2012

Posted: December 27, 2012 in kernel

-David Miller and networking:

1) GRE tunnel drivers don’t set the transport header properly, they
also blindly deref the inner protocol ipv4 and needs some checks.
Fixes from Isaku Yamahata.

2) Fix sleeps while atomic in netdevice rename code, from Eric

3) Fix double-spinlock in solos-pci driver, from Dan Carpenter.

4) More ARP bug fixes. Fix lockdep splat in arp_solicit() and
then the bug accidently added by that fix. From Eric Dumazet
and Cong Wang.

5) Remove some __dev* annotations that slipped back in, as well
as all HOTPLUG references. From Greg KH

6) RDS protocol uses wrong interfaces to access scatter-gather
elements, causing a regression. From Mike Marciniszyn.

7) Fix build error in cpts driver, from Richard Cochran.

8) Fix arithmetic in packet scheduler, from Stefan Hasko.

9) Similarly, fix association during calculation of random
backoff in batman-adv. From Akinobu Mita.


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