kernel news – 22.12.2012

Posted: December 22, 2012 in kernel

-Roland Dreier updates infiniband, Alasdair G Kergon updates device-mapper,
and Linus Torvalds announces kernel 3.8-rc1:

The longest night of the year is upon us (*), and what better thing to
do than get yourself some nice mulled wine, sit back, relax, and play
with the most recent rc kernel?

This has been a big merge window: we’ve got more commits than any
other kernel in the v3.x kernel series (although v3.2-rc1 was *almost*
as big). It’s been a rather busy merge window, in other words.

The diffstat looks normal: about 63% of the patch being to drivers
(staging, networking, scsi, gpu, sound, drbd etc) , 18% architecture
updates (with various ARM platform things being the bulk of it as
usual, sigh), and the rest being “various”, like core networking,
filesystems (new f2fs flash-optimized filesystem) and include files

I’m appending the “merge shortlog” which is about the only half-way
readable automated data I can give you. There’s a *ton* of stuff here.
Go out and test it,


(*) And by “us” I mean mainly people in the same timezone and
hemisphere as I am. Because I’m too self-centered to care about
anybody else.

-Vinod Koul updates dmaengine:

This is the pull request for dmaengine. I just saw that you have declared rc1
couple of hours ago, so I missed the window narrowly… I can try to make an
excuse that I am vacation and was traveling so this got delayed. And was
counting on your Christmas deadline

Please do consider merging this for rc2 as it brings in much awaited DT support for
dmaengine which lot of folks care about and have plans to work on it for next
release. Along with this add few other odd fixes including ones on async_tx


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