kernel news – 13.12.2012

Posted: December 13, 2012 in kernel

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab has media updates:

– Missing MAINTAINERS entries were added for several drivers;
– Adds V4L2 support for DMABUF handling, allowing zero-copy buffer
sharing between V4L2 devices and GPU;
– Got rid of all warnings when compiling with W=1 on x86;
– Add a new driver for Exynos hardware (s3c-camif);
– Several bug fixes, cleanups and driver improvements;

-Bjorn Helgaas has PCI changes for 3.8, Olof Johansson has the first batch of
arm-soc updates ready, Marcelo Tosatti has KVM updates for the newly open
merge window, Stefan Richter has Firewire updates post 3.7, Jiri Kosina
updates HID, and H. Peter Anvin has a pull request for x86/uapi.

-The same H. Peter Anvin has x86/acpi changes for 3.8:

This is a patchset which didn’t make the last merge window. It adds a
debugging capability to feed ACPI tables via the initramfs.

On a grander scope, it formalizes using the initramfs protocol for
feeding arbitrary blobs which need to be accessed early to the kernel:
they are fed first in the initramfs blob (lots of bootloaders can
concatenate this at boot time, others can use a single file) in an
uncompressed cpio archive using filenames starting with “kernel/”.

The ACPI maintainers requested that this patchset be fed via the x86
tree rather than the ACPI tree as the footprint in the general x86
code is much bigger than in the ACPI code proper.

-Here’s Olof Johansson with the second batch of arm-soc updates:

Here is the second batch of arm-soc changes for this merge window.

The first two branches have a handful of conflicts:
– The DT branch is mostly due to add/add changes but also due to some
include changes/cleanup.
– The multiplatform branch contains some dependent pinctrl patches that
seem to have been rebased either on the branch we received, or at the
pinctrl side. Unfortunately we didn’t catch it when it happened. It
doesn’t cause a whole lot of problems this time, luckily. We’ll be
more diligent on this in the future.

As before, conflict resolution documented in each pull request, and
-resolved branches pushed up for reference.

After this, we have about another 4 branches queued up, and possibly a
few more straggling patches on top of those.

-Mark Brown announces regulator updates for 3.8:

A fairly quiet release again, a couple of relatively small new features
and a bunch of driver specific work including yet more code elimination
and fixes from Axel Lin.

– Addidion of linear_min_sel for offsetting linear selectors in the
– Support for continuous voltage ranges for regulators with extremely
high resolution.
– Drivers for AS3711, DA9055, MAX9873, TPS51632, TPS80031 and ARM vexpress.

-David Miller and networking updates:

There is one merge conflict to resolve in net/sched/cls_cgroup.c,
one commit changes the name of some members to “css_*” (this came
from Tejun’s tree) and another commit adds an “attach” method.

Keep all the “css_*” fields from Tejun’s changes, and take only the
“.attach = cgrp_attach,” addtion from the net-next tree.

1) Allow to dump, monitor, and change the bridge multicast database
using netlink. From Cong Wang.

2) RFC 5961 TCP blind data injection attack mitigation, from Eric

3) Networking user namespace support from Eric W. Biederman.

4) tuntap/virtio-net multiqueue support by Jason Wang.

5) Support for checksum offload of encapsulated packets (basically,
tunneled traffic can still be checksummed by HW). From Joseph

6) Allow BPF filter access to VLAN tags, from Eric Dumazet and
Daniel Borkmann.

7) Bridge port parameters over netlink and BPDU blocking support
from Stephen Hemminger.

8) Improve data access patterns during inet socket demux by rearranging
socket layout, from Eric Dumazet.

9) TIPC protocol updates and cleanups from Ying Xue, Paul Gortmaker, and
Jon Maloy.

10) Update TCP socket hash sizing to be more in line with current day
realities. The existing heurstics were choosen a decade ago.
From Eric Dumazet.

11) Fix races, queue bloat, and excessive wakeups in ATM and
associated drivers, from Krzysztof Mazur and David Woodhouse.

12) Support DOVE (Distributed Overlay Virtual Ethernet) extensions
in VXLAN driver, from David Stevens.

13) Add “oops_only” mode to netconsole, from Amerigo Wang.

14) Support set and query of VEB/VEPA bridge mode via PF_BRIDGE, also
allow DCB netlink to work on namespaces other than the initial
namespace. From John Fastabend.

15) Support PTP in the Tigon3 driver, from Matt Carlson.

16) tun/vhost zero copy fixes and improvements, plus turn it on
by default, from Michael S. Tsirkin.

17) Support per-association statistics in SCTP, from Michele

And many, many, driver updates, cleanups, and improvements. Too
numerous to mention individually.

-Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk updates xen:

– Add necessary infrastructure to make balloon driver work under ARM.
– Add /dev/xen/privcmd interfaces to work with ARM and PVH.
– Improve Xen PCIBack wild-card parsing.
– Add Xen ACPI PAD (Processor Aggregator) support – so can offline/online
sockets depending on the power consumption.
– PVHVM + kexec = use an E820_RESV region for the shared region so we don’t
overwrite said region during kexec reboot.
– Cleanups, compile fixes.

This merge will result in conflicts – there were some ARM patches in
v3.7-rcX that this branch does not contain. The recipe is that the
balloon drivers (drivers/xen/balloon.c) can now compile under ARM, so
the temporary functions added in arch/arm/xen/enlighten.c. can be
ripped out (so these functions are axed: alloc_xenballooned_pages and
free_xenballooned_pages). Consequently the drivers/xen/Makefile
can now have the balloon.o on the generic build target.

-Takashi Iwai updates the sound system as follows:

This update contains a fairly wide range of changes all over in sound
subdirectory, mainly because of UAPI header moves by David and __dev*
annotation removals by Bill. Other highlights are:

– Introduced the support for wallclock timestamps in ALSA PCM core

– Add the poll loop implementation for HD-audio jack detection

– Yet more VGA-switcheroo fixes for HD-audio

– New VIA HD-audio codec support

– More fixes on resource management in USB audio and MIDI drivers

– More quirks for USB-audio ASUS Xonar U3, Reloop Play, Focusrite,
Roland VG-99, etc

– Add support for FastTrack C400 usb-audio

– Clean ups in many drivers regarding firmware loading

– Add PSC724 Ultiimate Edge support to ice1712

– A few hdspm driver updates

– New Stanton SCS.1d/1m FireWire driver

– Standardisation of the logging in ASoC codes

– DT and dmaengine support for ASoC Atmel

– Support for Wolfson ADSP cores

– New drivers for Freescale/iVeia P1022 and Maxim MAX98090

– Lots of other ASoC driver fixes and developments


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