kernel news – 04.12.2012

Posted: December 4, 2012 in kernel

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab has media fixes for 3.8-final, same story
for EDAC, Gustavo Padovan has some last-minute bluetooth fixes,
and David Miller has fixes for SPARC:

Two small fixes for Sparc, nobody uses sparc, so these are
low risk

1) Piggyback is too picky about the symbol types that _start
and _end have in the final kernel image, and it thus breaks
with newer binutils. Future proof by getting rid of the
symbol type checks.

2) exit_group() should kill register windows on sparc64 the same
way we do for plain exit(). Thanks to Al Viro for spotting

-Greg KH announces kernels 3.6.9, 3.4.21 and 3.0.54. All users of the
respective series should upgrade.

-Here is 3.7-rc8!

I really didn’t want it to come to this, but I was uncomfortable doing
the 3.7 release yesterday due to last-minute issues, and decided to
sleep on it.

And today, I ended up even *less* comfortable about it due to the
resurrection of a kswapd issue, so I decided that I’m going to do
another -rc after all.

Which is not very nice timing-wise, since that means that the next
merge window will run up very close to christmas, but hey, maybe that
will at least convince people to not leave things to the final days of
the merge window, and send me pull requests *early*. That would be

And because I’m dragging it out for another week, I’m going to be
*very* bitter if anybody sends me pull requests this late in the game
that aren’t for major issues. If you send me small irrelevant stuff
that doesn’t fix major issues (oopses, security, things like that),
I’m going to curse at you and ignore your pull request. So don’t do

The only things I want to see are fixes that people care deeply about.
If it’s not critical, or you don’t have an actual problem report from
an actual user, just put it in the queue under the christmas tree, and
let it got for 3.8.

(Ok, while writing this I got another pull request that made me go “We
don’t really need this”. I’ll pull that, because technically it came
in before I’d given people this warning, but …)


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