kernel news – 17.11.2012

Posted: November 17, 2012 in kernel

-Jiri Kosina updates HID, Nicolas Ferre updates at91 for -rc6, Catalin Marinas updates
arm64 and Olof Johansson has some ARM SoC fixes:

We’ve been sitting on this longer than we meant to due to travel and
other activities, but the number of patches is luckily not that high.

Biggest changes are from a batch of OMAP bugfixes, but there are a
few for the broader set of SoCs too (bcm2835, pxa, highbank, tegra,
at91 and i.MX).

The OMAP patches contain some fixes for MUSB/PHY on omap4 which
ends up being a bit on the large side but needed for legacy (non-DT)
platforms. Beyond that there are a handful of hwmod/pm changes.

So, fairly noncontroversial stuff all in all, and as usual around this
time the fixes are well targeted at specific problems.

-John W. Linville has wireless-related pull request:

This batch of fixes is intended for the 3.7 stream…

This includes a pull of the Bluetooth tree. Gustavo says:

“A few important fixes to go into 3.7. There is a new hw support by Marcos
Chaparro. Johan added a memory leak fix and hci device index list fix.
Also Marcel fixed a race condition in the device set up that was prevent the
bt monitor to work properly. Last, Paulo Sérgio added a fix to the error
status when pairing for LE fails. This was prevent userspace to work to handle
the failure properly.”

Regarding the mac80211 pull, Johannes says:

“I have a locking fix for some SKB queues, a variable initialization to
avoid crashes in a certain failure case, another free_txskb fix from
Felix and another fix from him to avoid calling a stopped driver, a fix
for a (very unlikely) memory leak and a fix to not send null data
packets when resuming while not associated.”

Regarding the iwlwifi pull, Johannes says:

“Two more fixes for iwlwifi … one to use ieee80211_free_txskb(), and
one to check DMA mapping errors, please pull.”

On top of that, Johannes also included a wireless regulatory fix
to allow 40 MHz on channels 12 and 13 in world roaming mode. Also,
Hauke Mehrtens fixes a #ifdef typo in brcmfmac.

-David Miller and networking:

1) tx_filtered/ps_tx_buf queues need to be accessed with the SKB queue
lock, from Arik Nemtsov.

2) Don’t call 802.11 driver’s filter configure method until it’s
actually open, from Felix Fietkau.

3) Use ieee80211_free_txskb otherwise we leak control information.
From Johannes Berg.

4) Fix memory leak in bluetooth UUID removal,f rom Johan Hedberg.

5) The shift mask trick doesn’t work properly when ‘optname’ is
out of range in do_ip_setsockopt(). Use a straightforward
switch statement instead, the compiler emits essentially the
same code but without the missing range check. From Xi Wang.

6) Fix when we call tcp_replace_ts_recent() otherwise we can
erroneously accept a too-high tsval. From Eric Dumazet.

7) VXLAN bug fixes, mostly to do with VLAN header length handling,
from Alexander Duyck.

8) Missing return value initialization for IPV6_MINHOPCOUNT socket
option handling. From Hannes Frederic.

9) Fix regression in tasklet handling in jme/ksz884x/xilinx drivers,
from Xiaotian Feng.

10) At smsc911x driver init time, we don’t know if the chip is in word
swap mode or not. However we do need to wait for the control
register’s ready bit to be set before we program any other part of
the chip. Adjust the wait loop to account for this. From
Kamlakant Patel.

11) Revert erroneous MDIO bus unregister change to mdio-bitbang.c

12) Fix memory leak in /proc/net/sctp/, from Tommi Rantala.

13) tilegx driver registers IRQ with NULL name, oops, from Simon

14) TCP metrics hash table kzalloc() based allocation can fail, back
down to using vmalloc() if it does. From Eric Dumazet.

15) Fix packet steering out-of-order delivery regression, from Tom

-Here’s 3.7-rc6, as announced by Linus Torvalds:

Slightly less than a week, but since I’m leaving for vacation
tomorrow, here it is.

Things have continued to be pretty calm. We have a few more commits
here than there were in -rc5, but not enough to make me worry, and
most of the changes really tend to be tiny. And the few commits that
aren’t one-liners (or “few-liners”) tend to be reverts (eg
re-introducing /proc//oom_adj) or some pretty obscure stuff (the
MIPS irqflags functions).

So we’ve got some arch updates (mainly mips and unicore32, with a
smattering of arm[64] and s390) and driver changes (sound, net, usb).
Along with some networking and mm fixes.

The appended shortlog gives a flavor of the kinds of things that
happened, it’s really not all that exciting, but it’s short enough to
be easy to read through to get some kind of idea.

I’ll have a laptop with me as I’m away, but if things calm down even
further, I’ll be happy. I’ll do an -rc7, but considering how calm
things have been, I suspect that’s the last -rc. Unless something
dramatic happens.

-In related news. Ben Hutchings announces the release of 3.2.34,
and Jeff Garzik announces libata fixes:

If you were going to shoot me for not sending these earlier, you would be
right. -rc6 beat me by ~2 hours it seems, and they really should have
gone out to libata-dev.git and you long before that.

These have been in libata-dev.git for a day or so (unfortunately
linux-next is on vacation). The main one is #1, with the others being
minor bits. #1 has multiple tested-by, and can be considered a
regression fix IMO.

1) Fix ACPI oops,

2) Temporary WARN_ONCE() debugging patch for further ACPI debugging.
The code already oopses here, and so this merely gives slightly
better info. Related to
which has been bisected down to a patch that _exposes_ a latent bug,
but said bisection target does not actually appear to be the root cause

3) sata_svw: fix longstanding error recovery bug, which was
preventing kdump, by adding missing DMA-start bit check. Core
code was already checking DMA-start, but ancillary, less-used
routines were not. Fixed.

4) sata_highbank: fix minor __init/__devinit warning

5) Fix minor warning, if CONFIG_PM is set, but CONFIG_PM_SLEEP is not set

6) pata_arasan: proper functioning requires clock setting


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