kernel news – 11.11.2012

Posted: November 11, 2012 in kernel

-Gustavo Padovan has bluetooth updates:

A few important fixes to go into 3.7. There is a new hw support by Marcos
Chaparro. Johan added a memory leak fix and hci device index list fix.
Also Marcel fixed a race condition in the device set up that was prevent the
bt monitor to work properly. Last, Paulo Sérgio added a fix to the error
status when pairing for LE fails. This was prevent userspace to work to handle
the failure properly.

-David Miller and SPARC:

Several build/bug fixes for sparc, including:

1) Configuring a mix of static vs. modular sparc64 crypto modules
didn’t work, remove an ill-conceived attempt to only have to build
the device match table for these drivers once to fix the problem.

Reported by Meelis Roos.

2) Make the montgomery multiple/square and mpmul instructions actually
usable in 32-bit tasks. Essentially this involves providing 32-bit
userspace with a way to use a 64-bit stack when it needs to.

3) Our sparc64 atomic backoffs don’t yield cpu strands properly on
Niagara chips. Use pause instruction when available to achieve
this, otherwise use a benign instruction we know blocks the
strand for some time.

4) Wire up kcmp

5) Fix the build of various drivers by removing the unnecessary
blocking of OF_GPIO when SPARC.

6) Fix unintended regression wherein of_address_to_resource stopped
being provided. Fix from Andreas Larsson.

7) Fix NULL dereference in leon_handle_ext_irq(), also from Andreas

-Same David Miller and networking:

Bug fixes galore, mostly in drivers as is often the case:

1) USB gadget and cdc_eem drivers need adjustments to their frame
size lengths in order to handle VLANs correctly. From Ian

2) TIPC and several network drivers erroneously call tasklet_disable
before tasklet_kill, fix from Xiaotian Feng.

3) r8169 driver needs to apply the WOL suspend quirk to more chipsets,
fix from Cyril Brulebois.

4) Fix multicast filters on RTL_GIGA_MAC_VER_35 r8169 chips, from
Nathan Walp.

5) FDB netlink dumps should use RTM_NEWNEIGH as the message type,
not zero. From John Fastabend.

6) Fix smsc95xx tx checksum offload on big-endian, from Steve

7) __inet_diag_dump() needs to repsect and report the error value
returned from inet_diag_lock_handler() rather than ignore it.
Otherwise if an inet diag handler is not available for a particular
protocol, we essentially report success instead of giving an error
indication. Fix from Cyrill Gorcunov.

8) When the QFQ packet scheduler sees TSO/GSO packets it does not
handle things properly, and in fact ends up corrupting it’s
datastructures as well as mis-schedule packets. Fix from Paolo

9) Fix oopser in skb_loop_sk(), from Eric Leblond.

10) CXGB4 passes partially uninitialized datastructures in to FW
commands, fix from Vipul Pandya.

11) When we send unsolicited ipv6 neighbour advertisements, we should
send them to the link-local allnodes multicast address, as per
RFC4861. Fix from Hannes Frederic Sowa.

12) There is some kind of bug in the usbnet’s kevent deferral mechanism,
but more immediately when it triggers an uncontrolled stream of
kernel messages spam the log. Rate limit the error log message
triggered when this problem occurs, as sending thousands of error
messages into the kernel log doesn’t help matters at all, and in
fact makes further diagnosis more difficult.

From Steve Glendinning.

13) Fix gianfar restore from hibernation, from Wang Dongsheng.

14) The netlink message attribute sizes are wrong in the ipv6 GRE driver,
it was using the size of ipv4 addresses instead of ipv6 ones Fix
from Nicolas Dichtel.


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