kernel news – 03.11.2012

Posted: November 3, 2012 in kernel

-Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk has Xen stable bugfixes:

* Use appropriate macros instead of hand-rolling our own (ARM).
* Fixes if FB/KBD closed unexpectedly.
* Fix memory leak in /dev/gntdev ioctl calls.
* Fix overflow check in xenbus_file_write.
* Document cleanup.
* Performance optimization when migrating guests.

-David Howells has FRV fixes, Dmitry Torokhov has
input updates, Rafael J. Wysocki has PM updates for -rc4,
and David Miller has a networking-related pull request:

First post-Sandy pull request, here goes:

1) Fix antenna gain handling and initialization of chan->max_reg_power
in wireless, from Felix Fietkau.

2) Fix nexthop handling in H.232 conntrack helper, from Julian

3) Only process 80211 mesh config header in certain kinds of frames,
from Javier Cardona.

4) 80211 management frame header length needs to be validated, from
Johannes Berg.

5) Don’t access free’d SKBs in ath9k driver, from Felix Fietkay.

6) Test for permanent state correctly in VXLAN driver, from Stephen

7) BNX2X bug fixes from Yaniv Rosner and Dmitry Kravkov.

8) Fix off by one errors in bonding, from Nikolay ALeksandrov.

9) Fix divide by zero in TCP-Illinois congestion control. From
Jesper Dangaard Brouer.

10) TCP metrics code says “Yo dawg, I heard you like sizeof, so I
did a sizeof of a sizeof, so you can size your size” Fix from
Julian Anastasov.

11) Several drivers do mdiobus_free without first doing an
mdiobus_unregister leading to stray pointer references.
Fix from Peter Senna Tschudin.

12) Fix OOPS in l2tp_eth_create() error path, it’s another danling
pointer kinda situation. Fix from Tom Parkin.

13) Hardware driven by the vmxnet driver can’t handle larger than 16K
fragments, so split them up when necessary. From Eric Dumazet.

14) Handle zero length data length in tcp_send_rcvq() properly. Fix
from Pavel Emelyanov.


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