kernel news – 29.10.2012

Posted: October 29, 2012 in kernel

-Arnd Bergmann and ARM SoC for -rc3:

Bug fixes for a number of ARM platforms, mostly OMAP, imx and at91.
These come a little later than I had hoped but unfortunately we
had a few of these patches cause regressions themselves and had to
work out how to deal with those in the meantime.

-Greg KH announces three stable kernels: 3.4.16, 3.0.49 and 3.6.4 .

-Linus Torvalds announces 3.7-rc3 :

It’s been a week, time for -rc3!

Nothing particularly stands out here. Lots of small fixes, exemplified
by the series of memory leak fixes in usb serial drivers. Just a lot
of random stuff..

Most of it is drivers (all over: drm, wireless, staging, usb, sound),
but there’s a few filesystem updates (nfs, btrfs, ext4), arch updates
(arm, x86 and m68k) and just random stuff. Shortlog appended.

And talking about the shortlog: christ people, some of you need to
change your names. I’m used to there being multiple “David”s and
“Peter”s etc, but there are three different Linus’s in just this rc.
People, people, I want to feel like the unique snowflake I am, not
like just another anonymous guy in a crowd.

I’m getting myself a broadsword.

Linus “there can be only one” Torvalds

-Guan Xuetao has Unicore32 updates for -rc2, and that’s it for today.


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