kernel news – 09.10.2012

Posted: October 9, 2012 in kernel

-Takashi Iwai has a sound-related pull request:

Sorry for a bit late pull request, as I’ve been on vacation without
laptop for the last weeks. Hopefully we catch up all pending issues
in time.

This pull will give you handful merge conflicts in arch/arm and
sound/soc. Since most of them are trivial conflicts, I let you Merge
Meister to resolve them. Note that the diffstat below is the result
after merge resolves.

-Oleg Nesterov groups various fixes in a uprobes request, Bryan
Wu updates LED, there are some asm-generic updates from Arnd

This has three changes for asm-generic that did not really fit into any
other branch as normal asm-generic changes do. One is a fix for a
build warning, the other two are more interesting:

* A patch from Mark Brown to allow using the common clock infrastructure
on all architectures, so we can use the clock API in architecture
independent device drivers.

* The UAPI split patches from David Howells for the asm-generic files.
There are other architecture specific series that are going through
the arch maintainer tree and that depend on this one.

There may be a few small merge conflicts between Mark’s patch and
the following arch header file split patches. In each case the solution
will be to keep the new “generic-y += clkdev.h” line, even if it
ends up being the only line in the Kbuild file.

and Catalin Marinas has arm64 fixes.

-David Miller is here with some SPARC fixes:

There is an attempt to fix a bad interaction between syscall tracing
and force_successful_syscall() from Al Viro, but it needs to be redone
as it introduced regressions and thus had to be reverted for now.

Al is working on an updated version.

But what we do have here are some significant bzero/memset
improvements for Niagara-4. An 8K page can be cleared in around 600
cycles, because we essentially have a store that behaves like
powerpc’s dcbz that we can actually make real use of.

-Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has perf/core improvements
and fixes, and Vinod Koul has slave-dmaengine updates:

This time we have Andy updates on dw_dmac which is attempting to make
this IP block available as PCI and platform device though not fully
complete this time.
We also have TI EDMA moving the dma driver to use dmaengine APIs, also
have a new driver for mmp-tdma, along with bunch of small updates.

Now for your excitement the merge is little unusual here, while merging
the auto merge on linux-next picks wrong choice for pl330
(drivers/dma/pl330.c) and this causes build failure. The correct
resolution is in linux-next. (DMA: PL330: Fix build error)
I didn’t back merge your tree this time as you are better than me so no
point in doing that for me

-Chris Ball has MMC updates, Chris Zankel has an
Xtensa-related patchset, Bob Liu has Blackfin updates,
and David Howells has a set of updates concerning
UAPI disintegration for alpha, arm, arm64, avr32, blackfin,
c6x, cris, h8300, hexagon, ia64, m32r, m68k, microblaze,
mips, openrisc, parisc, powerpc, s390, score, sh, sparc, tile,
unicore, x86, xtensa.


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