kernel news – 28.09.2012

Posted: September 28, 2012 in kernel

-Greg KH has USB fixes for -rc7:

The OHCI fix has been reported a number of times and is a regression
from 3.5, and the patch that causes the regression was on the way to the
-stable trees before I was reminded (again) that this fix needed to get
to your tree soon.

The host controller bugfix was reported in older kernels as being pretty
easy to trigger, and has been tested by Red Hat and their customers.

Both have been in the usb-next branch in the -next tree for a while now,
I just cherry-picked them out to get to you in time for the 3.6 release.

-Tony Luck has a change for x86/mce, Olof Johansson updates arm-soc
with a fix for Orion5x, Richard Weinberger updates UML with fixes for
the final release of 3.6 and that’s it for today!


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