kernel news – 19.09.2012

Posted: September 19, 2012 in kernel

-Roland Dreier has an Infiniband pull request, Oleg Nesterov
updates uprobes, Tejun Heo has workqueue fixes for -rc6,
Paul Mundt has sh fixes for -rc7 and Jens Axboe has block
updates for 3.6:

A small collection of driver fixes/updates and a core fix
for 3.6. It contains:

– Bug fixes for mtip32xx, and support for new hardware (just
addition of IDs). They have been queued up for 3.7 for a few
weeks as well.

– rate-limit a failing command error message in block core.

– A fix for an old cciss bug from Stephen.

– Prevent overflow of partition count from Alan.

-Gustavo Padovan updates bluetooth, and this, folks,
is all for now.


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