kernel news – 16.09.2012

Posted: September 16, 2012 in kernel

-Dave Airlie has DRM fixes:

I realise this a bit bigger than I would want at this point,

exynos is a large chunk, I got them to half what they wanted already, and
hey its ARM based, so not going to hurt many people,

radeon has only two fixes, but the PLL fixes were a bit bigger,
but required for a lot of scenarios, the fence fix is really urgent

vmwgfx: I’ve pulled in a dumb ioctl support patch that I was going to
shove in later and cc stable, but we need it asap, its mainly to stop mesa
growing a really ugly dependency in userspace to run stuff on vmware, and
if I don’t stick it in the kernel now, everyone will have to ship ugly
userspace libs to workaround it.

nouveau: single urgent fix found in F18 testing, causes X
to not start properly when f18 plymouth is used

i915: smattering of fixes and debug quieting

gma500: single regression fix

so as I said a bit large, but its fairly well scattered and its all stuff
I’ll be shipping in F18’s 3.6 kernel.

-Wolfram Sang posts a pull request for i2c-embedded (aimed at 3.6),
Frederic Weisbecker has dynticks (RCU) updates, Tyler Hicks updates
eCryptFS for -rc6, and John Linville has wireless updates :

This is a batch of fixes intended for the 3.6 stream.

Arend van Spriel sends a simple thinko fix to correct a constant,
preventing the setting of an invalid power level.

Colin Ian King gives us a simple allocation failure check to avoid a
NULL pointer dereference.

Felix Fietkau sends another ath9k tx power patch, this time disabling a
feature that has been reported to cause rx problems.

Hante Meuleman provides a pair of endian fixes for brcmfmac.

Larry Finger offers an rtlwifi fix that avoids a system lockup related
to loading the wrong firmware for RTL8188CE devices.

These have been in linux-next for a few days and I think they should be
included in the final 3.6 kernel if possible.

-David Miller and networking:

1) Use after free and new device IDs in bluetooth from Andre Guedes,
Yevgeniy Melnichuk, Gustavo Padovan, and Henrik Rydberg.

2) Fix crashes with short packet lengths and VLAN in pktgen, from
Nishank Trivedi.

3) mISDN calls flush_work_sync() with locks held, fix from Karsten

4) Packet scheduler gred parameters are reported to userspace improperly
scaled, and WRED idling is not performed correctly. All from
David Ward.

5) Fix TCP socket refcount problem in ipv6, from Julian Anastasov.

6) ibmveth device has RX queue alignment requirements which are not
being explicitly met resulting in sporadic failures, fix from
Santiago Leon.

7) Netfilter needs to take care when interpreting sockets attached
to socket buffers, they could be time-wait minisockets. Fix
from Eric Dumazet.

8) sock_edemux() has the same issue as netfilter did in #7 above,
fix from Eric Dumazet.

9) Avoid infinite loops in CBQ scheduler with some configurations,
from Eric Dumazet.

10) Deal with “Reflection scan: an Off-Path Attack on TCP”, from
Jozsef Kadlecsik.

11) SCTP overcharges socket for TX packets, fix from Thomas Graf.

12) CODEL packet scheduler should not reset it’s state every
time it builds a new flow, fix from Eric Dumazet.

13) Fix memory leak in nl80211, from Wei Yongjun.

14) NETROM doesn’t check skb_copy_datagram_iovec() return values,
from Alan Cox.

15) l2tp ethernet was using sizeof(ETH_HLEN) instead of plain
ETH_HLEN, oops. From Eric Dumazet.

16) Fix selection of ath9k chips on which PA linearization and
AM2PM predistoration are used, from Felix Fietkau.

17) Flow steering settings in mlx4 driver need to be validated
properly, from Hadar Hen Zion.

18) bnx2x doesn’t show the correct link duplex setting, from
Yaniv Rosner.

-Greg KH announces kernels 3.0.43, 3.4.11 and 3.5.4.

-Rafael J. Wysocki has PM fixes for -rc6, Nicholas Bellinger
updates target-core, and that’s all, folks.


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