kernel news – 14.09.2012

Posted: September 14, 2012 in kernel

-Olof Johansson has arm-soc updates for -rc6, Steven Whitehouse has
GFS2 fixes via a pull request, Daniel Vetter has drm-intel-next
updates, Ingo Molnar has core, perf, scheduler fixes and
Takashi Iwai has sound fixes for -rc6.

-Greg KH has driver-core, staging, TTY, USB fixes for
-rc6, David Brown announces MSM changes for the 3.7 merge
window, platform-fixes-x86 gets a few fixes and updates
from Matthew Garrett, and Steven Rostedt updates tracing.

-Guenter Roeck has hwmon fixes for -rc6, and that’s about it
for now. See you next time, whenever that might be.


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