kernel news – 04.08.2012

Posted: August 4, 2012 in kernel

-Ingo Molnar has irq and perf fixes, also scheduler, timer, x86, plus core, Marcelo
Tosati has KVM fixes for -rc2, and John W. Linville updates wireless:

Daniel Drake provides a pair of libertas fixes: one to avoid
unnecessary resets in order to keep the MMC layer happy; and another
to correct a couple of memory leaks.

Eliad Peller gives us a mac80211 fix for an issue that could fail to
notify userland of a completed scan.

Johannes Berg provides “a few fixes for various things [Johannes]
found doing code inspection for [his] multi-channel work”.

Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan provides a simple hardware-enablement
(i.e. device ID) patch for ath9k.

Paul Stewart provides a cfg80211 fix to ensure that the presence of
beacons on a channel is recorded correctly.

Rafał Miłecki gives us a bcma device ID patch to support BCM43228
devices, and a b43 GPIO fix.

Seth Forshee provide a pair of patches to properly expose some
regulatory information needed by brcmsmac. This corrects a lockdep
issue created by a patch that is already in the tree.

Stanislaw Gruszka provides a regulatory code fix to correct an earlier
regression with the rt2x00 drivers.

Woody Hung offers an rt2x00 fix to correct a regression when resuming
an rt3290 device from S3/S4. This one seems big, but most of its
size comes from moving a function between two source files.

Please let me know if there are problems!

-Linus announces 3.6-rc1 (a little late news , I guess…)

Another almost-two-weeks, another merge window over and done with.

Yeah, it’s actually only just over 12 days since 3.5 was released, but
I hate the people who send me last-minute pull requests, so I like
pulling the rug out from under people who plan on doing their pull
request in day 13 of the 14-day merge window. If that was your plan,
screw that.

But perhaps more importantly, this time I also have some vacation
travel coming up, and I had the choice between keeping the merge
window open for the full 14 days and pushing out -rc1 from the airport
(free wifi at pdx!), or just closing it early and have a day and a
half to perhaps fix up details before leaving. I obviously chose the

I tried to notify people who had been good and had lots of stuff
pending in linux-next in a timely manner, so this doesn’t come as a
surprise to some of you. And I don’t think we really missed any big
merges – this -rc1 is slightly smaller than the previous couple of
merge windows if you look at number of commits, but so was linux-next.
I think it is the summer effect, although we’re talking about less
than a 10% difference.

I do have two more pull requests that are at least tentatively
pending: there’s the uapi header file disintegration from David
Howells and the tcm_vhost merge from Nicholas Bellinger, both of which
came in in time. So I’ll take another look at those later. The pain of
another header file revolution doesn’t excite me, but we’ll see.

Anyway, on to the stuff merged. As usual, even the shortlog is too big
to usefully post, but there’s the usual breakdown: about two thirds of
the changes are drivers (with the CSR driver from the staging tree
being a big chunk of the noise – christ, that thing is big and wordy
even after some of the crapectomy).

Of the non-driver portion, a bit over a third is arch (arm, x86, tile,
mips, powerpc, m68k), and the rest is a fairly even split among fs,
include file noise, networking, and just “rest”.

I’m appending my “merge shortlog”, and I’d like to point out that the
person listed is the person I get the pull request from, which is
*not* about authorship, but just about who I ended up getting stuff
from. And I notice that my shell script to generate this missed stuff
like my merge of Andrew’s patch-bombs, because they look different
from the normal git merges. But maybe this gives people at least
*some* kind of overview of what kinds of things got merged/updated.


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