kernel news – 01.07.2012

Posted: August 1, 2012 in kernel

-Greg KH announces kernel 3.4.7, Ben Myers has XFS updates for -rc1 (3.6-rc1, of course),
Mauro Carvalho Chehab has media updates, Trond Myklebust has NFS client updates,
and Anton Vorontsov updates battery:

It’s almost a normal pull request: a bunch of small fixes and assorted
enhancements, and as usual my gpg key is not signed, etc.

One thing makes it unusual, though: one of our patches added thermal
support for power supply class, but thermal/ subsystem changed under our
feet. We (well, Stephen, that is) caught the issue and it was decided[1]
that I’d just delay the battery pull request, and then will fix it up by
merging your tree back into mine at the specific commit. And I did
exactly that.

That’s not all though: another[2] small fixup for thermal subsystem was
needed to get rid of a warning in power supply subsystem (the warning
was not drivers/power’s “fault”, the thermal registration function just
needed a proper const annotation, which is also done by a small commit
on top of the merge.

So, to sum this up:
– The ‘master’ branch of the battery tree was in -next for weeks,
and was never rebased, altered etc;
– for-v3.6 tag contains the ‘master’ branch + merge + the warning fix.

-Sage Weil has Ceph updates:

Hi Linus,

Please pull the following Ceph changes for 3.6 from

git:// for-linus

There are several trivial conflicts to resolve; sorry! Stephen is
carrying fixes for them in linux-next as well.

Lots of stuff this time around:

* lots of cleanup and refactoring in the libceph messenger code, and many
hard to hit races and bugs closed as a result.
* lots of cleanup and refactoring in the rbd code from Alex Elder, mostly in
preparation for the layering functionality that will be coming in 3.7.
* some misc rbd cleanups from Josh Durgin that are finally going upstream
* support for CRUSH tunables (used by newer clusters to improve the data
* some cleanup in our use of d_parent that Al brought up a while back
* a random collection of fixes across the tree

There is another patch coming that fixes up our ->atomic_open() behavior,
but I’m going to hammer on it a bit more before sending it.

-J. Bruce Fields has nfsd ups, David Miller has networking changes and

I think Eric Dumazet and I have dealt with all of the known routing
cache removal fallout. Some other minor fixes all around.

1) Fix RCU of cached routes, particular of output routes which
require liberation via call_rcu() instead of call_rcu_bh().
From Eric Dumazet.

2) Make sure we purge net device references in cached routes

3) TG3 driver bug fixes from Michael Chan.

4) Fix reported ‘expires’ value in ipv6 routes, from Li Wei.

5) TUN driver ioctl leaks kernel bytes to userspace, from
Mathias Krause.

and Grant Likely has irqdomain changes.


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