kernel news – 29.07.2012

Posted: July 29, 2012 in kernel

Hello! This is gonna be a short one:

-Wolfram Sang has i2c-embedded updates for 3.6:

* lots of devicetree conversions of drivers (and preparations for that)
* big cleanups for drivers for OMAP, Tegra, Nomadik, Blackfin
* Rafael’s struct dev_pm_ops conversion patches for I2C
* usual driver cleanups and fixes

All patches have been in linux-next for an apropriate time and all
patches touching files outside of i2c-folders should have proper acks
from the maintainers.

-Stefan Richter has firewire updates for 3.5:

please pull from the tag “firewire-updates” at

git:// firewire-updates

to receive the following IEEE 1394 (FireWire) subsystem changes:

– Small fixes and optimizations.

– A new sysfs attribute to tell local and remote nodes apart.
Useful to set special permissions/ ownership of local nodes’
/dev/fw*, to start daemons on them (for diagnostics, management,
AV targets, VersaPHY initiator or targets…), to pick up their
GUID to use it as GUID of an SBP2 target instance, and of course
for informational purposes.


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