kernel news – 21.07.2012

Posted: July 22, 2012 in kernel

Hello! We start with two new additions from Greg KH…

-…namely kernels 3..0.38 and 3.4.6, and we continue with Sage Weil and his Ceph fixes,

-Linus Torvalds announces the release of kernel 3.5:

Ok, not a lot happened since -rc7.

There’s a number of MIPS commits (for some reason MIPS has had a
horrible track record with the -rc time schedule, I suspect I should
just stop pulling late in the game), but most of the rest is pretty
small. A couple of dm/md fixes, some gma500 work, make kgdb ‘dmesg’
command work again, some networking fixes, some xfs and cifs noise,
yadda yadda. About 50% of the patch is actually the SPEAr clock name
renaming that is just some search-and-replace.

The shortlog is appended if you’re interested in the details.

And as usual, this obviously means that the merge window for 3.6 is
open, although I hope people will spend a little bit of time testing
and beating on 3.5 before pushing on with the merge window. And as
mentioned earlier, if you are a (probably European) maintainer, and
will be gone most of August, I’d rather you just delay the whole thing
until 3.7 rather than send me a merge request for 3.6 and then
effectively disappear for the next few weeks.

And if 3.6 ends up smaller as a result of vacation details like that,
it’s fine.


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