kernel news 15.07.2012

Posted: July 15, 2012 in kernel

Hello gals and guys, here’s the news!

-Ben Hutchings announces the release of kernel 3.2.23, Mauro Carvalho Chehab
has media fixes for -rc7, Dmitry Torokhov has input updates for -rc6 (yeah,
a bit old news), of which the most important news is support for Macbook
Pro Retina systems.

-You probably all know about the leap second bug, so here’s Thomas
Gleixner with a fix for that, Ingo Molnar has an RCU fix, plus
perf fixes, scheduler fixes, Avi Kivity has KVM fixes for -rc6 and
Linus Torvalds announces -rc7:

Hey guys, remember how things have been stabilizing and slowing down,
and all the kernel developers were off on summer vacation?

Yeah, we need to talk about that. Because I last week I thought that
making an -rc7 was not necessarily realy required, except perhaps
mainly to check the late printk changes. But then today and yesterday,
I got a ton of small pull requests, and now I find myself releasing an
-rc7 that is actually bigger than rc6 was.

Not cool, guys. Not cool.

Now, admittedly, most of this is pretty small. The loadavg calculation
fix patch is pretty big, but quite a lot of that is added comments
(*big* added comments). . But there’s Andrew’s patch-bomb, there’s
media fixes, there’s random SOC fixes, powerpc fixes, USB, sound, you
name it.

Ok, so it’s still not *huge*, but it’s bigger than -rc6 was. I had
hoped for less.

But go forth and test. Make sure it’s all good. Because I really wish
I won’t have to do an -rc8.


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