kernel news – 30.06.2012

Posted: June 30, 2012 in kernel

Hi y’all!

-Jan Kara has UDF updates, Guenter Roeck ups hwmon for -rc5 and
John W. Linville has some wireless updates

Amitkumar Karwar gives us two mwifiex fixes: one fixes some skb
manipulations when handling some event messages; and another that
does some similar fixing on an error path.

Avinash Patil gives us a fix for for a memory leak in mwifiex.

Dan Rosenberg offers an NFC NCI fix to enforce some message length
limits to prevent buffer overflows.

Eliad Peller provides a mac80211 fix to prevent some frames from
being built with an invalid BSSID.

Eric Dumazet sends an NFC fix to prevent a BUG caused by a NULL
pointer dereference.

Felix Fietkau has an ath9k fix for a regression causing
LEAP-authenticated connection failures.

Johannes Berg provides an iwlwifi fix that eliminates some log SPAM
after an authentication/association timeout. He also provides a
mac80211 fix to prevent incorrectly addressing certain action frames
(and in so doing, to comply with the 802.11 specs).

Larry Finger provides a few USB IDs for the rtl8192cu driver —
should be harmless.

Panayiotis Karabassis provices a one-liner to fix kernel bug 42903
(a system freeze).

Randy Dunlap provides a one-line Kconfig change to prevent build
failures with some configurations.

Stone Piao provides an mwifiex sequence numbering fix and a fix
to prevent mwifiex from attempting to include eapol frames in an
aggregation frame.

Finally, Tom Hughes provides an ath9k fix for a NULL pointer


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