kernel weekly news – 19.05.2012

Posted: May 17, 2012 in kernel

-Takashi Iwai has sound fixes for -rc7, David Miller updates SPARC,
Greg Ungerer has m68knommu fixes and Paul E. McKenney has some
RCU commits for 3.5:

The major features of this series are:

1. A set of improvements and fixes to the RCU_FAST_NO_HZ feature
(with more on the way for 3.6). Posted to LKML: (commits 1-3 and 5), (commit 4), (commit 6), and (commit 7, combined with
the other commits for the convenience of the tester).
2. Changes to make rcu_barrier() avoid disrupting execution of CPUs
that have no RCU callbacks. Posted to LKML:
3. A couple of commits that improve the efficiency of the interaction
between preemptible RCU and the scheduler, these two being all
that survived an abortive attempt to allow preemptible RCU’s
__rcu_read_lock() to be inlined. The full set was posted to
LKML at, and the first and
third patches of that set remain.
4. Lai Jiangshan’s algorithmic implementation of SRCU, which includes
call_srcu() and srcu_barrier(). A major feature of this new
implementation is that synchronize_srcu() no longer disturbs
the execution of other CPUs. This work is based on earlier
implementations by Peter Zijlstra and myself. Posted to
5. A number of miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements which were
posted to LKML at: with
subsequent updates posted to LKML.

#1 and #2 are combined onto one topic branch due to dependencies among
the commits.

All of these have been exposed to -next testing.

These changes are available in the git repository at:

git:// rcu/next

-Ben Hutchings annouces the release of kernel 3.2.17 and David Miller updates

1) Since we do RCU lookups on ipv4 FIB entries, we have to test if the
entry is dead before returning it to our caller.

2) openvswitch locking and packet validation fixes from Ansis Atteka,
Jesse Gross, and Pravin B Shelar.

3) Fix PM resume locking in IGB driver, from Benjamin Poirier.

4) Fix VLAN header handling in vhost-net and macvtap, from Basil Gor.

5) Revert a bogus network namespace isolation change that was causing
regressions on S390 networking devices.

6) If bonding decides to process and handle a LACPDU frame, we shouldn’t
bump the rx_dropped counter. From Jiri Bohac.

7) Fix mis-calculation of available TX space in r8169 driver when
doing TSO, which can lead to crashes and/or hung device. From
Julien Ducourthial.

8) SCTP does not validate cached routes properly in all cases, from
Nicolas Dichtel.

9) Link status interrupt needs to be handled in ks8851 driver, from
Stephen Boyd.

10) Use capable(), not cap_raised(), in connector/userns netlink code.
From Eric W. Biederman via Andrew Morton.

11) Fix pktgen OOPS on module unload, from Eric Dumazet.

12) iwlwifi under-estimates SKB truesizes, also from Eric Dumazet.

13) Cure division by zero in SFC driver, from Ben Hutchings.

-James Bottomley has SCSI fixes for -rc6, Greg Kroah-Hartman
announces the release of 3.3.6, Olof Johansson has ARM SoC
fixes for 3.4, and speaking of releases, here’s -rc7:

This is almost certainly the last -rc in this series – things really
have calmed down, and I even considered just cutting 3.4 this weekend,
but felt that another week wouldn’t hurt.

The appended shortlog gives a good overview – it’s mostly random tiny
fixes for very small specific issues. The biggest commit (and the one
that might affect the most people) is likely the Nouveau i2c change,
and that one is really just a revert. It changes nouveau back to use
the generic i2c-algo-bit routines – the problem they had had been
fixed in the meantime, and the specialized i2c nouveau routines had
issues of their own.

The rest is mainly small changes in various areas: drivers
(networking, drm, scsi, sound and md) arch updates (arm, powerpc and
x86) and random other areas – core networking, a compat fix, stuff
like that. No scary changes.

So go forth and test. And don’t send me any pull requests unless they
contain *only* regressions or fixes for really nasty bugs. No more of
these silly compiler warning fixes etc any more.

-David Miller updates networking, Mauro Carvalho Chehab has media
fixes for 3.4-final, and I have a short announcement to make:

-Due to me getting a new job, this will involve commuting, finding
some rent, all that. Hence, until there is some order in my schedule
once again, KWN will be on hiatus. Be good.


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