kernel weekly news – 12.05.2012

Posted: May 12, 2012 in kernel

-We start the week with Gustavo Padovan having bluetooth fixes, Chris Mason and
btrfs, HPA has x86 fixes, and…

Another week, another -rc – and I think we’re getting close to final
3.4. So please do test.

There still are more commits here than I’d like, so it would be nice
if things would calm down even further, but things on the whole have
been pretty smalll and simple.

About half the commits are drivers (and networking driver changes
account for almost half of that), with the rest being mostly arch
(powerpc and arm), fs (btrfs and nfs) and networking (non-driver

But all of the commits look pretty damn trivial, so on the whole I
feel good about things.

-Dave Airlie has drm fixes, Greg KH announces kernels 3.0.31 and 3.3.5,
Rusty Russell has a pull request pertaining to cpumask, Mark Brown
has regulator updates, Christoph Hellwig gives a report about the state
of XFS

March saw the release of Linux 3.3, which saw an XFS update slightly smaller
than usual, and consisting largely of code removal and cleanups, with the
only user visible change being the removal of the old logging code, and thus
the “nodelaylog” mount option. This is reflected in a diffstat with more
than twice as many deletions as additions:

45 files changed, 954 insertions(+), 2182 deletions(-)

After that Linux 3.4 merge window opened, and a big XFS updates was merged
into mainline, again removing a lot more code than adding it. The
highlight are quota changes to make in-memory quota caching a lot faster
and more scalable, as well as changes to log all metadata updates on a
live XFS filesystem, thus finishing the consolidation of all metadata I/O
code pathes to just after many years of hard work.

Development for the Linux 3.5 merge window also were in full steam,
including a series to kill the xfsbufd daemon in favour of on-stack
delayed buffer writeback lists.

On the user space side we finally saw the long awaited xfsprogs 3.1.8
and xfsdump 3.1.0 releases. The new xfsprogs release features a larger
number of repair fixes and speedups, as well as smaller updates to the
other tools. All users are recommended to upgrade to this version.
Major updates in xfsdump 3.1.0 is support for dumping multiple I/O
streams in parallel, a new dump format to support all 32 bits of the
inode generation number, removal of support for the old SGI_XFSDUMP_SKIP_FILE
extended attribute, as well as various smaller fixes.

Development of xfstests included at its normal pace, with a few new
test cases for xfsdump, as well as various fixes for existing test cases
and the addition of a new “dangerous” group to skip tests that potentially
crash the system if an too old kernel is used.

and Benjamin Herrenschmidt has a small update set for PowerPC.

-Gustavo Padovan has a few more Bluetooth updates, Avi Kivity has kvm
updates, Olof Johansson has ARM SoC fixes, Philipp Reisner has updates to
the drbd-8.3 tree and Daniel Vetter has a pull request pertaining to

– sparse fixes from Ben.
– tons of little cleanups from Chris all over: tiling_changed
clarification, deferred_free list removal, …
– fix up irq handler on gen2 & gen3 + related cleanups from Chris
– prep work for wait_rendering_timeout from Ben with some nice
– first set of infoframe fixes from Paulo for doubleclocked CEA modes
– improve pch pll handling from Jesse and Chris
– gpu hangman, this also contains the reset fix for gen4
– rps sanity check from Chris – this papers over issues when the gpu fails
to clock up on snb/ivb, and it is shockingly easy to hit. The code
prints a big WARN backtrace and restores the hw to a sane state. The
real fix is still in the works.

Atm I’m aware of 2 regressions in -next:
– One of the gmbus patches (not gmbus itself) regressed lvds detection on
a MacbookPro. I’ve analyzed the bug already and I think I know what’s
going on, patch is awaiting test feedback.
– Just today QA reported that DP on ilk regressed. That bug is fresh of
the press and still awaiting detailed logfiles and the bisect result.
The only thing that’s clear atm is that -fixes works and -next doesn’t.

Otherwise 3.5 merge is winding down, I am queueing up a few things though
that I’d like to still sneak in:
– More infoframe fixes from Paulo (most already queued into my tree).
– Final pieces of the first cut at hsw support from Eugeni – all the
invasive pieces and code rework has landed already so not much harm
– I’m working on some backlight fixes I’d like to land in 3.5, but not yet
all ready.

As discussed on irc this pull request is for the merged branch which
already resolves the conflicts with drm-next (due to the -rc6 backmerge).

-That’s it for me, take care.


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