kernel weekly news – 05.05.2012

Posted: May 5, 2012 in kernel

-Greg KH announces kernel 3.0.30, 3.3.4, Olof Johansson has arm-soc fixes,
Dave Airlie has two important fixes for the drm tree, Chris Mason has
btrfs fixes, Roland Stigge has LPC32xx-related USB patches and Rafael J. Wysocki
has PM fixes.

-Linus Torvalds and -rc5:

Another week, another -rc. Techically it’s eight days – I delayed it
for a day waiting for some testing.

And like -rc4, quite a bit of the changes came in on Friday (with some
more coming in yesterday). And we haven’t been calming down, quite the
reverse. -rc5 has almost 50% more commits than -rc4 had. Not good.

That said, I don’t think there is anything hugely scary there.
Annoying, yes (by now I really detest the nasty autofs ABI issues I
was fighting the last few days, for example), and I’d be happier if
things had been quieter, but much of this is really pretty small and
trivial. It’s fairly spread out: ~50% drivers, 20% arch, 15% fs
(mainly btrfs and nfs), 5% networking, and random noise.

The shortlog probably describes it best, because it really is just a
collection of fairly random fixes.

-James Bottomley has scsi support fixes, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk has xen/for-ingo
IOAPIC changes, Trond Myklebust has NFS client bugfixes and John W. Linville
updates wireless:

This is a batch of fixes intended for 3.4…

Part of these are Bluetooth — Gustavo says:

“A few more fixes to 3.4, there is three new device id supported, a missing
break and a fix to retain key during the connection.”

Along with those, we have some 802.11 fixes. Felix gives us a fix
for sending EAP frames for AP VLAN interfaces. Franky gives us
two brcmfmac fixes, one for missed event completions and another
for an improperly initialized function pointer. Grazvydas Ignotas
gives us a couple of wl1251 fixes for some improperly freed memory.
Jonathan Bither gives us an ath5k fix for an AHB resource leak.
Seth Forshee gives us a b43 fix to avoid a crash when b43 fails to
properly initialize. Finally, Wey-yi gives us a fixup for a previously
merged fix to use the correct firmware for certain iwlwifi devices.

The brcmfmac fixes are bigger than I would like to see. But since
they are isolated to that driver and fix real problems, I felt they
were still acceptable.

-Jeff Garzik announces the comeback of the ATA wiki, together, of course,
with the whole page. So if you want to get involved, this is
a good moment!

-Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has perf/core fixes, Greg Kroah Hartman has
a TTY VT bugfix and another USB fix related to tegra devices, Gustavo
Padovan has bluetooth changes, Dave Airlie has fixes related to drm-nouveau,
and David Miller has networking updates:

It’s the usual jumble of small fixes, mostly in drivers, but a few in
core infrastructure parts and TCP.

1) Transfer padding was wrong for full-speed USB in ASIX driver,
fix from Ingo van Lil.

2) Propagate the negative packet offset fix into the PowerPC BPF JIT.
From Jan Seiffert.

3) dl2k driver’s private ioctls were letting unprivileged tasks make
MII writes and other ugly bits like that. Fix from Jeff Mahoney.

4) Fix TX VLAN and RX packet drops in ucc_geth, from Joakim Tjernlund.

5) OOPS and network namespace fixes in IPVS from Hans Schillstrom and
Julian Anastasov.

6) Fix races and sleeping in locked context bugs in drop_monitor, from
Neil Horman.

7) Fix link status indication in smsc95xx driver, from Paolo Pisati.

8) Fix bridge netfilter OOPS, from Peter Huang.

9) L2TP sendmsg can return on error conditions with the socket lock
held, oops. Fix from Sasha Levin.

10) udp_diag should return meaningful values for socket memory usage,
from Shan Wei.

11) Eric Dumazet is so awesome he gets his own section:

Socket memory cgroup code (I never should have applied those
patches, grumble…) made erroneous changes to
sk_sockets_allocated_read_positive(). It was changed to
use percpu_counter_sum_positive (which requires BH disabling)
instead of percpu_counter_read_positive (which does not).
Revert back to avoid crashes and lockdep warnings.

Adjust the default tcp_adv_win_scale and tcp_rmem[2] values
to fix throughput regressions. This is necessary as a result
of our more precise skb->truesize tracking.

Fix SKB leak in netem packet scheduler.

12) New device IDs for various bluetooth devices, from Manoj Iyer,
AceLan Kao, and Steven Harms.

13) Fix command completion race in ipw2200, from Stanislav Yakovlev.

14) Fix rtlwifi oops on unload, from Larry Finger.

15) Fix hard_mtu when adjusting hard_header_len in smsc95xx driver. From
Stephane Fillod.

16) ehea driver registers it’s IRQ before all the necessary state is
setup, resulting in crashes. Fix from Thadeu Lima de Souza

17) Fix PHY connection failures in davinci_emac driver, from Anatolij

18) Missing break; in switch statement in bluetooth’s
hci_cmd_complete_evt(). Fix from Szymon Janc.

19) Fix queue programming in iwlwifi, from Johannes Berg.

20) Interrupt throttling defaults not being actually programmed
into the hardware, fix from Jeff Kirsher and Ying Cai.

21) TLAN driver SKB encoding in descriptor busted on 64-bit, fix
from Benjamin Poirier.

22) Fix blind status block RX producer pointer deref in TG3 driver,
from Matt Carlson.

23) Promisc and multicast are busted on ehea, fixes from Thadeu Lima
de Souza Cascardo.

24) Fix crashes in 6lowpan, from Alexander Smirnov.

25) tcp_complete_cwr() needs to be careful to not rewind the CWND to
ssthresh if ssthresh has the “infinite” value. Fix from Yuchung

-Latest news: Daniel Vetter has drm-intel fixes, there are wireless
fixes from John W. Linville, and with this, I say ‘bye until next week.
Be good with each other, guys and gals.


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