kernel weekly news – 21.04.2012

Posted: April 21, 2012 in kernel

Hello everyone!

-Greg KH announces the release of 3.0.28, 3.2.15 and 3.3.2, David Miller
updates sparc, Ingo Molnar has perf fixes, David Brown has msm fixes, and
Linus announces -rc3:

So it’s been eight days since -rc2, mostly because I spent some time
chasing down two bugs that I could reproduce rather than release it
yesterday. One was an oops in the scsi layer error handling, and the
other was a really odd crash on x86-32 that I had introduced myself
since -rc2. Oops.

Anyway, one day late, but stronger for it – both problems are fixed in
-rc3. Both were obscure enough that it may not be a big deal to most
people, but I hate making even just -rc releases with issues that I
can reproduce personally.

Anyway, the shortlog is appended, but I don’t think there really is
anything hugely exciting there. It’s mostly driver updates, with a
smattering of architecture fixes and networking. The diffstat is
almost entirely flat, with the exception of the mtip32xx driver update
and a trivial kyrofb change (replace “unsigned long” to “u32” to make
it work properly on 64-bit) that was just lots of simple replacement.

And a flat diffstat is good. It just means “lots of small things”.
Admittedly it would be even better if it was “just a few small
things”, but we’re *reasonably* early in the -rc sequence, so I
wouldn’t worry too much.

-Michael S. Tsirkin has virtio fixes, Ingo Molnar has perf fixes,
Al Viro updates vfs, Nicolas Ferre has updates and cleanups for at91,
Martin Schwidefsky updates s390, for -rc3 of course, and Miklos Szeredi
has fuse updates.

-John W. Linville has quite a few fixes for wireless in a pull

First up, we have a minor signedness fix for libertas from Amitkumar
Karwar. Next, Arend gives us a brcm80211 fix for correctly enabling
Tx FIFOs on channels 12 and 13. Bing Zhao gives us some register
address corrections for mwifiex. Felix give us a trio of fixes —
one for ath9k to wake the hardware properly from full sleep, one for
mac80211 to properly handle packets in cooked monitor mode, and one
for ensuring that the proper HT mode selection is honored.

Hauke gives us a bcma fix for handling the lack of an sprom. Jonathon
Bither gives us an ath5k fix for a missing THIS_MODULE build issue,
and another ath5k fix for an io mapping leak. Lukasz Kucharczyk
fixes a bitwise check in cfg80211, and Sujith gives us an ath9k fix
for assigning sequence numbers for fragmented frames. Finally, we
have a MAINTAINERS change from Wey-Yi Guy — congrats to Johannes
Berg for taking the lead on iwlwifi.

-That’s it for this week, bye!


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