kernel weekly news – 14.04.2012

Posted: April 14, 2012 in kernel

Hello, world!

-David Miller and some updates to the networking tree:

1) Fix inaccuracies in network driver interface documentation, from
Ben Hutchings.

2) Fix handling of negative offsets in BPF JITs, from Jan Seiffert.

3) Compile warning, locking, and refcounting fixes in netfilter’s
xt_CT, from Pablo Neira Ayuso.

4) phonet sendmsg needs to validate user length just like any
other datagram protocol, fix from Sasha Levin.

5) Ipv6 multicast code uses wrong loop index, from RongQing Li.

6) Link handling and firmware fixes in bnx2x driver from Yaniv
Rosner and Yuval Mintz.

7) mlx4 erroneously allocates 4 pages at a time, regardless of page
size, fix from Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo.

8) SCTP socket option wasn’t extended in a backwards compatible
way, fix from Thomas Graf.

9) Add missing address change event emissions to bonding, from
Shlomo Pongratz.

10) /proc/net/dev regressed because it uses a private offset to
track where we are in the hash table, but this doesn’t
track the offset pullback that the seq_file code does
resulting in some entries being missed in large dumps.

Fix from Eric Dumazet.

11) do_tcp_sendpage() unloads the send queue way too fast, because
it invokes tcp_push() when it shouldn’t. Let the natural sequence
generated by the splice paths, and the assosciated MSG_MORE
settings, guide the tcp_push() calls.

Otherwise what goes out of TCP is spaghetti and doesn’t batch
effectively into GSO/TSO clusters.

From Eric Dumazet.

12) Once we put a SKB into either the netlink receiver’s queue
or a socket error queue, it can be consumed and freed up,
therefore we cannot touch it after queueing it like that.

Fixes from Eric Dumazet.

13) PPP has this annoying behavior in that for every transmit
call it immediately stops the TX queue, then calls down
into the next layer to transmit the PPP frame.

But if that next layer can take it immediately, it just
un-stops the TX queue right before returning from the
transmit method.

Besides being useless work, it makes several facilities
unusable, in particular things like the equalizers. Well
behaved devices should only stop the TX queue when they
really are full, and in PPP’s case when it gets backlogged
to the downstream device.

David Woodhouse therefore fixed PPP to not stop the TX
queue until it’s downstream can’t take data any more.

14) IFF_UNICAST_FLT got accidently lost in some recent stmmac
driver changes, re-add. From Marc Kleine-Budde.

15) Fix link flaps in ixgbe, from Eric W. Multanen.

16) Descriptor writeback fixes in e1000e from Matthew Vick.

-Linus Torvalds announces -rc2:

Another week, another -rc. It actually *felt* pretty calm, but
according to the numbers it’s a fairly average -rc2, maybe it even has
slightly more changes than usual.

That said, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of scary stuff. A fair
amount of the changes are some (hopefully largely final) fixups for
the header file changes, and then there are the three pull requests
mentioned in -the rc1 announcement: HSI (high-speed serial interface)
framework, dma-buf prime, and the DMA mapping stuff. Those three all
got several people piping up and saying “yes, please pull”. Pohmelfs
didn’t get merged, for the simple reason that nobody actually asked
for it.

Apart from the header file fixups and the three delayed pulls, there’s
the usual fixes. I’m going to be stricter about pulls from here on
out, there was a lot of “noise”, not just pure fixes. Some of it as
induced by me: a series of selinux patches by Eric Paris to make
selinux wrapper stack usage much better.

Bulk of changes in some architecture files (arm, tile, powerpc, x86)
and in drivers (especially a networking but also regulator, drm and
mmc). And some power management updates.

Shortlog is appended. And I’m hoping -rc3 will already have a
noticeably shorter shortlog.

-Richard Weinberger has UML fixes for -rc3, and an important announcement
for 2.4 users comes from Willy Tarreau:

15 months ago I announced that if no more critical fix was to be merged
by one year, 2.4 would be EOLed after a year (around december 2011). The
break-in of last year made things a bit difficult for some users but
nothing really important for 2.4 users was merged since, so the EOL had
no reason to be delayed.

However since the break-in, I was surprized to see that some users have
asked where to find the 2.4 git tree to pick some fixes from it. After
discussing with several of them, it appears that they’re not really
interested in releases, rather just in having a place where fixes are
centralized and that the git tree is perfect for this. So I revived the
git tree in my account and will probably push a patch there once in a
while if people ask for this, but with no guarantees.

Anyway I don’t intend to waste any more space on with tar.gz
files nor patches that too few people use.

The repository is now available here :

If anyone has any question, feel free to ask.

-Steven Whitehouse has GFS updates, Takashi Iwai has sound
fixes for -rc3, Daniel Vetter has drm-intel fixes, and
John W. Linville has wireless updates:

This is a flurry of fixes intended for 3.4…

Many of these are Bluetooth fixes. Gustavo says:

“This is a batch of fixes for 3.4. We have added support to 3 new
devices, fixes some NULL-pointer dereferences, memory leaks, memory
corruption and endian bugs. There was also a userspace compatibility
fix reported by Keith Packard on lkml. The fixes are all simple.”

On top of the Bluetooths bits, we have a number of wireless fixes.
One is an rt2x00 fix from Chien-Chia Chen which fixes the rfkill
registration so that it still works even if the box is booted with the
device already blocked. Johannes Berg gives us a pair of fixes, one
that corrects a macro parameter when setting a beacon wait timeout, and
another that ensures that the proper interface state is used throughout
nl80211 so as to avoid warnings and unintended driver behavior.
Julia Lawall gives us a fix for a memory leak in an error handling
case. Larry Finger is the star performer for this round, giving us a
fix for firmware initialization in rtl8192de, a mac80211 fix to quiet
some log spam, a fix to avoid a NULL pointer dereference in rtlwifi, an
rtlwifi fix to avoid a “sleeping function called from invalid context”
BUG, and another rtlwifi fix to avoid “Out of SW-IOMMU space” errors.
Paul Gortmaker gives us a fix to avoid bcma build breakage on MIPS.
Samuel Ortiz fixes a loop in NFC’s LLCP Tx frame fragmentation loop.
And finally, Sujith Manoharan reverts an earlier patch in order to
fix a regression reported by a number of ath9k users.

-Jens Axboe has block updates, Chris Mason has btrfs updates,
David Miller issues networking updates, and this is the end of this
week’s edition. See you next week!


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