kernel weekly news – 07.04.2012

Posted: April 7, 2012 in kernel

Hello everybody!

-Takashi Iwai has sound fixes, Chris Mason adds btrfs fixes and features,
James Bottomley has parisc and scsi updates, Rafael J. Wysocki has pm updates,

-Linus Torvalds announces the release of kernel 3.4-rc1:

Ok, it’s been two weeks, and the merge window is over. Linux 3.4-rc1
has been pushed out to the git servers, and the tar-ball and patches
are going out as I type this (probably done by the time I’m done).

And yes, if you actually counted, it has only been 13 days. And if
somebody delayed their pull request until the last day of the merge
window, I’m sure they’ll be even happier to delay it another two
months until the next merge window. Yay!

That said, there are four pull requests in my mailbox that weren’t
delayed, and that I will (probably) still pull, but that I wanted to
get extra confirmation from *other* maintainers from first. So they
were sent in time, I just decided that I can make the actual pull
choice a bit later.

The four remaining pull requests (and the people I want comments from) are:

– HSI (High Speed Synchronous Serial Interface) framework. I’m
planning on pulling this into 3.4, it’s in my queue, but I wanted to
bring it up one more time in case somebody has issues with it. Ping?

– pohmelfs. The old pohmelfs got deleted from staging, there’s an
all-new one waiting in the sidelines. Al was a bit unhappy about some
of it, Evgeniy fixed it up some, and then the discussion died. Again,
I’m likely to pull this, but I wanted more commentary on it.

– drm dma-buf prime support. Dave Airlie sent me the pull request but
didn’t push very hard for it, it’s in my “ok, I can still pull it for
3.4 if individual DRM driver people tell me that it will make their
lives easier.” So this is in limbo – I have nothing against it, but I
won’t pull unless I get a few people say “yes, please”.

– DMA-mapping framework. The tree now has a few more acks from
people, and it’s largely in the same situation as HSI is: I’ll
probably pull, but I really wanted the users who are impacted to
actually talk to me about it.

And that’s it. So there’s four more pulls pending, and likely, but
other than that we’re done (unless you can show that you actually did
email me, but because of some cosmic mistake – probably involving my
incompetence – I’ve overlooked it. Hey, it happens).

Anyway, enough about the “what’s still possibly pending”. If you want
to see what actually went in, one fairly readable approach is to do

git log –merges –author=Torvalds v3.3..

because I really tried pretty hard to make readable merge messages if
I got any information at all from the submaintainer. And a lot of you
did send that in – thanks. I’ve tried to distill most of that into
the appended “shortmerge” format (which is just me grepping for my
one-liner “pull what from whom” details).

One thing worth pointing out is that the header file cleanups were
nice, but let’s never do them again. Or at least not for a release or
two. They caused a lot of merge conflicts and small annoyances, and
while I’m ok with resolving merges, it was annoying enough that I
don’t want to go through that immediately again. I know they also
annoyed some submaintainers that were complaining to me about the

That said, I do think they helped. The disintegration
(and to a smaller degree the bug.h cleanups) may have been painful,
but it definitely cleaned things up. So I guess we *will* do things
like this in the future again, I just want to forget about the pain
before we embark on this next time. Ok?

Anyway, please do test and report any regressions.

-Benjamin Herrenschmidt has powerpc changes, Mark Brown
has regulator-related updates for -rc1, Greg KH announces
kernel 3.0.27, 3.2.14 and 3.3.1, and David Miller has
networking updates:

1) Provide device string properly for USB i2400m wimax devices, also don’t
OOPS when providing firmware string. From Phil Sutter.

2) Add support for sh_eth SH7734 chips, from Nobuhiro Iwamatsu.

3) Add another device ID to USB zaurus driver, from Guan Xin.

4) Loop index start in pool vector iterator is wrong causing MAC to
not get configured in bnx2x driver, fix from Dmitry Kravkov.

5) EQL driver assumes HZ=100, fix from Eric Dumazet.

6) Now that skb_add_rx_frag() can specify the truesize increment
separately, do so in f_phonet and cdc_phonet, also from Eric

7) virtio_net accidently uses net_ratelimit() not only on the kernel
warning but also the statistic bump, fix from Rick Jones.

8) ip_route_input_mc() uses fixed init_net namespace, oops, use
dev_net(dev) instead. Fix from Benjamin LaHaise.

9) dev_forward_skb() needs to clear the incoming interface index of
the SKB so that it looks like a new incoming packet, also from
Benjamin LaHaise.

10) iwlwifi mistakenly initializes a channel entry as 2GHZ instead
of 5GHZ, fix from Stanislav Yakovlev.

11) Missing kmalloc() return value checks in orinoco, from Santosh

12) ath9k doesn’t check for HT capabilities in the right way, it
is checking ht_supported instead of the ATH9K_HW_CAP_HT flag.
Fix from Sujith Manoharan.

13) Fix x86 BPF JIT emission of 16-bit immediate field of AND
instructions, from Feiran Zhuang.

14) Avoid infinite loop in GARP code when registering sysfs entries.
From David Ward.

15) rose protocol uses memcpy instead of memcmp in a device address
comparison, oops. Fix from Daniel Borkmann.

16) Fix build of lpc_eth due to dev_hw_addr_rancom() interface being
renamed to eth_hw_addr_random(). From Roland Stigge.

17) Make ipv6 RTM_GETROUTE interpret RTA_IIF attribute the same way
that ipv4 does. Fix from Shmulik Ladkani.

18) via-rhine has an inverted bit test, causing suspend/resume regressions.
Fix from Andreas Mohr.

19) RIONET assumes 4K page size, fix from Akinobu Mita.

20) Initialization of imask register in sky2 is buggy, because
bits are “or’d” into an uninitialized local variable. Fix
from Lino Sanfilippo.

21) Fix FCOE checksum offload handling, from Yi Zou.

22) Fix VLAN processing regression in e1000, from Jiri Pirko.

-Dave Airlie has drm fixes, Michal Simek has microblaze fixes for -rc2,
Daniel Vetter has drm-intel fixes, Guenter Roeck updates hwmon for -rc2,
there’s Paul Mundt with sh updates, Gustavo Padovan updates bluetooth and
Olof Johansson has arm-soc updates.

-That’s it for this week, take care!


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