kernel weekly news – 31.03.2012

Posted: March 31, 2012 in kernel

Hello y’all!

-Jason Wessel has KGDB/KDB updates, Greg KH announces 3.0.26 and 3.2.13,
Eric W. Biederman has sysctl updates for -rc1

– Rewrite of sysctl for speed and clarity.

Insert/remove/Lookup in sysctl are all now O(NlogN) operations, and
are no longer bottlenecks in the process of adding and removing
network devices.

sysctl is now focused on being a filesystem instead of system call
and the code can all be found in fs/proc/proc_sysctl.c. Hopefully
this means the code is now approachable.

Much thanks is owed to Lucian Grinjincu for keeping at this until
something was found that was usable.

– The recent proc_sys_poll oops found by the fuzzer during hibernation
is fixed.

, Richard Weinberger has uml changes from -rc1, Arnd Bergmann has
arm-soc updates

These are the first nine pull requests for arm-soc in the v3.4 merge
window. We have queued up a total of 683 non-merge changesets this
time, and today you get 576 of those. This is more than for v3.3,
where we had lots of ugly merge conflicts and ended up not sending
everything. Despite the larger number of changes, I have a better
feeling this time, mostly because of the new way we handle conflicts
between the Russell’s ARM tree and the arm-soc tree and resolve
them much earlier in the cycle.

There are a few conflicts left for you to clean up, but I resolved
most of the ones between the branches I’m sending and some particularly
annoying ones with stuff you already pulled from other branches.
I’ve provided an extra branch “test-merge” in the same git tree
for you with all of these merged. If you compare that with your
resolutions, you can point out afterwards what I merged wrong. ;-)

The remaining pull requests are either for stuff that is based on
branches you have not pulled yet, or that has not spent enough time
in linux-next because it was sent in the last week before the merge
window, and I plan to send them early next week. Since you’ve said
that you’re away till Tuesday, you might get them at the same time

and Dominik Brodowski has pcmcia updates, as well as cpupowerutils .

-Michal Simek has arch/microblaze updates, Ted Ts’o has ext4 updates

Ext4 commits for 3.3 merge window; mostly cleanups and bug fixes

The changes to export dirty_writeback_interval are from Artem’s s_dirt
cleanup patch series. The same is true of the change to remove the
s_dirt helper functions which never got used by anyone in-tree. I’ve
run these changes by Al Viro, and am carrying them so that Artem can
more easily fix up the rest of the file systems during the next merge
window. (Originally we had hopped to remove the use of s_dirt from
ext4 during this merge window, but his patches had some bugs, so I
ultimately ended dropping them from the ext4 tree.)

, Grant Likely has gpio changes

Here are the GPIO changes for v3.4. I held of sending these because
the irq_domain rework broke the new sodaville driver in this branch.
However, the fixup is nontrivial and don’t have a patch ready for
merging yet, but I definitely didn’t want to respin the gpio branch to
pull the sodaville driver back out. In the end I marked the sodaville
driver as broken. I think is the best solution for now since it is new
driver code and so there isn’t any fear of regression by doing that.
I expect to have a proper fixup patch in place and sent to you before
-rc2 is released.

The diffstat below shows more changes that are actually present here
compared with your tree. It looks much smaller after merging. I
don’t know enough about git to know how to filter that out, but I
suspect it is due to this branch having several different dependent
branches that have already been merged into your tree.

and Dave Airlie has drm fixes.

-Matthew Garrett has platform-drivers-x86 updates, Sage Weil has ceph
updates for -rc1, Mauro Carvalho Chehab announces -rc1 edac fixes, and
John W. Linville has wireless updates:

First, we have a MAINTAINERS update — not truly a “fix”, but it might
help to keep unwanted traffic out of Bob’s inbox. We also have a
removal of an outdated comment that was overlooked when the related
code was removed.

Beyond those, we have a fix for a memory leak in ath9k, a cfg80211
fix to prevent passing bad info over nl80211 to userspace, a tuning
fix for some rtlwifi family drivers, a couple of minor ath9k tuning
fixes, a mac80211 use-after-free fix, a couple of rt2x00 thinko fixes,
an iwlegacy fix to properly set BSSID after an association, and an
iwlegacy fix to avoid an oops by properly reinitializing a variable
after reset.

-Michal Simek has microblaze updates, David Howells has an interesting
pull request: one that separates userspace APIs from kernel headers,
Wim van Sebroeck has watchdog updates, Alasdair G Kergon has dm updates
and Chris Ball has mmc updates for -rc1.

-Thomas Gleixner has timer updates, H. Peter Anvin has x86 cleanups
for -rc1, Paul Mundt has sh updates, Len Brown has ACPI and PM patches

-…that’s it for today! See you!


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