kernel weekly news – 18.02.2012

Posted: February 18, 2012 in kernel

Hello, y’all!

-Ingo Molnar has perf fixes, Wu Fengguang updates writeback,
Dave Airlie has some drm fixes and David Miller has networking

I’ll keep an eye out to make sure that bluetooth inline fix needed for
bleeding edge GCC’s gets integrated soon.

1) GRO MAC header comparisons were ethernet specific, breaking other
link types. This required a multi-faceted fix to cure the
originally noted case (Infiniband), because IPoIB was lying about
it’s actual hard header length. Thanks to Eric Dumazet, Roland
Dreier, and others.

2) Fix build failure when INET_UDP_DIAG is built in and ipv6 is modular.
From Anisse Astier.

3) Off by ones and other bug fixes in netprio_cgroup from Neil Horman.

4) ipv4 TCP reset generation needs to respect any network interface
binding from the socket, otherwise route lookups might give a
different result than all the other segments received. From Shawn

5) Fix unintended regression in ipv4 proxy ARP responses, from Thomas

6) Fix SKB under-allocation bug in sh_eth, from Yoshihiro Shimoda.

7) Revert skge PCI mapping changes that are causing crashes for some
folks, from Stephen Hemminger.

8) IPV4 route lookups fill in the wildcarded fields of the given flow
lookup key passed in, which is fine most of the time as this is
exactly what the caller’s want. However there are a few cases that
want to retain the original flow key values afterwards, so handle
those cases properly. Fix from Julian Anastasov.

9) IGB/IXGBE VF lookup bug fixes from Greg Rose.

10) Properly null terminate filename passed to ethtool flash device
method, from Ben Hutchings.

11) S3 resume fix in via-velocity from David Lv.

12) Fix double SKB free during xmit failure in CAIF, from Dmitry Tarnyagin.

-Jens Axboe has block fixes for -rc:

Time to push off some of the pending items. I really wanted to wait until
we had the regression nailed, but alas it’s not quite there yet. But I’m
very confident that it’s “just” a missing expire on exit, so fix from
Tejun should be fairly trivial. I’m headed out for a week on the slopes.

– Killing the barrier part of mtip32xx. It doesn’t really support
barriers, and it doesn’t need them (writes are fully ordered).

– A few fixes from Dan Carpenter, preventing overflows of integer

– A fixup for loop, fixing a previous commit that didn’t quite solve the
partial read problem from Dave Young.

– A bio integer overflow fix from Kent Overstreet.

– Improvement/fix of the door “keep locked” part of the cdrom shared
code from Paolo Benzini.

– A few cfq fixes from Shaohua Li.

– A fix for bsg sysfs warning when removing a file it did not create
from Stanislaw Gruszka.

– Two fixes for floppy from Vivek, preventing a crash.

– A few block core fixes from Tejun. One killing the over-optimized ioc
exit path, cleaning that up nicely. Two others fixing an oops on
elevator switch, due to calling into the scheduler merge check code
without holding the queue lock.

-Willy Tarreau announces and .61, Ben Myers updates XFS, Greg KH
announces 3.0.21, 3.2.6 and, Nicolas Ferre updates at91 for -rc4 and
Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk has XEN updates .

-MMC fixes come from Chris Ball, intended for -rc4, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
has perf/core improvements, Rob Herring updates irqdomain and Arnd Bergmann
has arm-soc fixes for -rc4:

We’ve got a number of new patches queued up for 3.3. The majority of these
are regression fixes for stuff that broke during the merge window.

The notable ones are:

* The at91 ata drivers both broke because of an earlier cleanup patch that
some other patches were based on. Jean-Christophe decided to remove
the legacy at91_ide driver and fix the new-style at91-pata driver while
keeping the cleanup patch. I almost rejected the patches for being too
late and too big but in the end decided to accept them because they
fix a regression.

* A patch fixing build breakage from the sysdev-to-device conversion
colliding with other changes touches a number of mach-s3c files.

* b0654037 “ARM: orion: Fix Orion5x GPIO regression from MPP cleanup”
is a mechanical change that unfortunately touches a lot of lines
that should up in the diffstat.

-Takashi Iwai updates sound for -rc4, John W. Linville updates wireless,
and David Miller has networking updates:

1) VETH_INFO_PEER netlink attribute needs to have it’s size validated,
from Thomas Graf.

2) ‘poll’ module option of bnx2x driver crashes the machine, just remove
it. From Michal Schmidt.

3) ks8851_mll driver reads the irq number from two places, but only
initializes one of them, oops. Use only one location and fix
this problem, from Jan Weitzel.

4) Fix buffer overrun and unicast sterring bugs in mellanox
mlx4 driver, from Eugenia Emantayev.

5) Swapped kcalloc() args in RxRPC and mlx4, from Axel Lin.

6) PHY MDIO device name regression fixes from Florian Fainelli.

7) If the wake event IRQ line is different from the netdevice one,
we have to properly route it to the stmmac interrupt handler.
From Francesco Virlinzi.

8) Fix rwlock lock initialization ordering bug in mac80211, from
Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan.

9) TCP lost_cnt can get out of sync, and in fact go negative, in
certain circumstances. Fix the way we specify what sequence
range to operate on in tcp_sacktag_one() to fix this bug.
From Neal Cardwell.

-Dave Airlie announces a few drm fixes, and this, folks, is the last
piece of news for this week! Take care and see you next time.


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