kernel weekly news – 11.09.2012

Posted: February 11, 2012 in kernel

Hello, world!

-We start with Takashi Iwai who has sound fixes for -rc3, Nicolas
Ferre updates linux-at91, Greg KH announces 3.0.19,
, 3.2.3 and 3.2.4, Olof Johansson updates arm-soc for 3.3-rc and
John W. Linville has wireless updates, as follows:

We have a fix from Eliad Peller for an off-by-one error in mac80211 that
was preventing a timeout. Emmanuel Grumbach provides an iwlwifi fix to
avoid incorrect manipulations on non-QoS frames that were stalling the
Tx queues. Hauke Mehrtens provides another off-by-one fix, this one for
the SSB bus. Jesper Juhl provies us with a fix for a memory leak in the
BCMA code. A fix to avoid some log spam from iwlwifi is provided by me.
Finally, Luigi Tarenga provides an rt2800 fix to correctly report signal

-Rafael J. Wysocki updates linux-pm for -rc3, Guenter Roeck updates hwmon
(-rc3 will be assumed from now on), Avi Kivity updates kvm for -rc2, Samuel
Ortiz updates mfd, Grant Likely has gpio bugfixes, Grant Likely has SPI
changes for -rc2, Jiri Kosina updates HID and Greg KH is back with the
announcement of kernels 3.0.20 and 3.2.5.

-Florian Tobias Schandinat has fbdev fixes for 3.3, Arnaldo Carvalho de
Melo has perf/urgent fixes, John W. Linville has wireless fixes intended
for 3.3, and Linus announces 3.3-rc3:

Another week, another -rc.

No big surprises, which is just how I like it. About a third of the
patches are in ARM, but the bulk of that is due to the removal of the
unused DMA map code form the bcmring support. So no complaints.

The rest is fairly flat in the diffstat (== random small changes all
over), although mostly drivers. More sound/hda (and asoc) updates,
some target and IB updates, etc etc.

Shortlog appended for your perusal, you can see the kind of largely
“fix small details” almost all of it is,

-Greg KH has -rc3 updates for USB, char, driver core, staging and TTY,
and that’s about it for this week. Take care.


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