kernel weekly news – 17.12.2011

Posted: December 17, 2011 in kernel

Hello everyone and welcome!

-Greg KH announces the release of 3.0.13, as well as 3.1.5, plus,
for those of you using more conservative options,

-Speaking of announcements, Linus Torvalds announces 3.2-rc5:

It’s been a bit over a week, and I’m sad to report that -rc5 is bigger
(at least in number of commits – most of the commits are pretty small,
so it’s possible that the *diff* ends up being smaller, but I didn’t
check) than both -rc2 and -rc4 were.

So much for “calming down”.

Yeah, part of it is probably that Ingo is back, and had a backlog
(mainly x86 and perf). But quite frankly, that isn’t enough to explain
it all – we have xfs and btrfs changes, we have network updates, and
we have the usual 50% random driver updates (sound, target and gpu
drivers stand out, but there’s some network amd MD driver noise too).

That said, there’s nothing really scary there and it all tends to be
pretty small, and many of them are solid regression fixes.

So I’m going to continue to push back a bit on people sending me
stuff, but I’m also just going to hope that this was some one-time
thing and we really will be calming down now.

Ok? Because we all want a quiet holiday season, don’t we? And Santa
doesn’t like it when I curse a lot in email.

-Thomas Gleixner has x86 fixes for 3.2, Chris Ball has mmc fixes for -rc6,
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has perf/core fixes and improvements and Christoph Hellwig
has a status update on xfs, as seen below:

November saw stabilization of the Linux 3.2 release candidates, including
a few fixes for XFS. In addition a lot of bug fixes were backported to
the 3.0 long term stable and 3.1-stable releases for users not on
bleeding edge kernels.

At the same time development for Linux 3.3 went on at a fast pace, although
no pages were merged into the development tree yet. The highlights are:

– further versions of the patches to log all file size updates instead of
relying the the flaky VM writeback code for them
– an initial version of SEEK_HOLE/SEEK_DATA support
– removal of the old non-delaylog logging code, and cleanups resulting
from the removal
– large updates for the quota code

Userspace development was even more busy:

Xfsprogs saw the rushed 3.1.7 release which contains Debian packaging fixes,
a polish translation update and a xfs_repair fix. In the meantime a lot of
xfs_repair fixes were posted but mostly not reviewed and commit yet.

Xfsdump grew support for using pthreads to write backup streams to multiple
tapes in parallel, and SGI_XFSDUMP_SKIP_FILE which has been deprecated in
favor of the nodump flag has finally been removed.

Xfstests saw an enormous amount of updates. The fsstress tool saw major
updates to exercise even more system calls, and found numerous bugs in
all major Linux filesystems, additional ENOSPC tests, a new test for
btrfs-specific functionality and the usual amount of bug fixes and small
cleanups. Also a series to clean up the very large filesystem testing,
including extending the support to ext4 was posted but not committed yet.

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab has media fixes:

The changes are:
– ati_remote (new driver for 3.2): Fix the scancode tables;
– af9015: fix some issues with firmware load;
– au0828: (trivial) add device ID’s for some devices;
– omap3 and s5p: several small fixes;
– Update MAINTAINERS entry to cover /drivers/staging/media and
media DocBook;
– a few other small trivial fixes.

-Sage Weil has ceph fixes for -rc6:

There are two biggish things here, unfortunately. One is a locking fix
that replaces i_lock use with a ceph-private inode spinlock. This is
necessary to work around lock ordering issues which unfortunately we
didn’t notice until now (it’s from the lock scalability stuff a couple of
kernels back). The diffstat is large, but it’s a mechanical replacement
and has been pretty well tested. The other big one is removing rbd
rollback functionality from the kernel entirely (we found a minor bug but
it is better done from userspace anyway).

There are also a handful of other small bug fixes (missing spin_unlock,
typo), some error reporting/handling on a corrupt image, a fix for the
CRUSH mapping calculation, and a fix for a the seek() regression in 3.1.

There will probably be one more lock ordering patch coming shortly, but I
want to do some more testing first.

-Ingo Molnar announces x86 fixes, Al Viro has vfs changes, Theodore Ts’o
has ext4 bugfixes for -rc5 and Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk has xen stable
fixes for -rc6.

-Greg KH has USB and staging fixes for 3.2, John W. Linville has
wireless fixes for 3.2, and that’s about it for today! I’m not sure
yet if I’ll have a Christmas edition, so if not, happy holidays and
take care.

  1. eric m says:

    Hi – I haven’t yet rebooted into 3.1.5-2.fc16 , however, I’m wondering if you know if the sandybridge power regression patch made it in here?

    This one:

  2. eric says:

    thanks – i’m already running with all params switched, so if that is all, that is all :D – thanks!

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