kernel weekly news – 10.12.2011

Posted: December 10, 2011 in kernel

Hello everyone and welcome!

-Ben Myers of SGI has an xfs update for -rc5, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
announces perf test improvements, Greg KH has small usb fixes for 3.2,
Martin Schwidefsky has s390 patches for -rc5 and Ingo Molnar has scheduler,
slab, timer, perf, x86 and irq fixes/patches.

-John W. Linville has wireless updates for 3.2:

Included is an iwlwifi fix to correctly set some flags related to packet
encryption, a couple of cfg80211 regulatory fixes (including one that
patches a hole created by the earlier “cfg80211: fix regulatory NULL
dereference”), a mac80211 fix to avoid sending probe requests with no
supported rates included, an iwlwifi fix to prevent reconfiguring HT40
after an association (prevents an assert in the firmware), and another
iwlwifi fix that customizes the watchdog timer enablement based on the
device type.

Also included is a reversion of a patch that was causing the iwlegacy
driver to throw WARNINGs.

-Nicholas Bellinger has fixes/cleanups for target-pending:

This series contains outstanding bugfixes+cleanups from target-pending
that have been testing in lio-core.git on v3.1 the last number of weeks,
and are ready to be pulled for v3.2 rc-fixes.

This includes the following changes:

– conversion of PYX_TRANSPORT_* sense payload handling to use explict
se_cmd->scsi_sense_reason assignment to fix a number of cases where
incorrect sense qualifier was being returned.
– bugfix for fileio and ramdisk backend to properly walk chained SGLs
when using pre-allocated scsi_cmnd memory with loopback LUNs.
– bugfixes for target CDB parsing with Solaris FC clients (Roland)
– removal of unused target code (Christoph + Joern)
– drop set_user_nice() usage with processing thread context (Bart)
– make unsupported backend configfs attributes return zero (Andy)

-David Miller has networking fixes:

1) RTO_ONLINK state bit can be lost in routing cache entries, fix from
Julian Anastasov.

2) INET peer validation fix could result in an OOPS if the call fails,
but allowing this operation to fail in the first place is the real
issue. If we can’t lookup the neighbour for the new gateway, simply
revert back to the old one. We’ll end up with another ICMP redirect
but that’s fine and better than failing and having to add ugly recovery
code all over the place.

3) FIFO overflow and packet processing race fixes in r8169 from
François Reomieu.

4) pasemi_mac build was broken accidently, fix from Ben Hutchings.

5) cfg80211 wireless race fixes from Luis R. Rodriguez.

6) Reconfiguring HT40 after assosciation in iwlwifi results in a firmware
abort, so don’t do it. From Wey-Yi Guy.

-Dave Airlie announces drm fixes:

3 fixes, one for an ongoing Intel VT-d/Ironlake GPU that I’ve been
testing, and one kexec fix from Jerome for an issue reported on the list
where the gpu writeback engines need to be switched off, along with a
trivial fix from Alex.

Due to the size of the kexec fix I’ve decided to keep this pull small.
(I have some kzalloc->kcalloc fixes to check on).

-Ben Myers has a small xfs update for 3.2, Jeremy Fitzhardinge has
three updates to power-supply-scope, Takashi Iwai has sound fixes
for -rc5 and Chris Metcalf updates arch/tile for 3.2.

-Thus endeth this week’s news, have a good weekend!


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