kernel weekly news – 19.11.2011

Posted: November 19, 2011 in kernel

Hello everyone!

-Greg KH announces the release of 3.0.9 and 3.1.1,
Chris Mason has btrfs fixes, Paul Mundt has sh and rmobile
fixes for -rc2 and John W. Linville has updates for

Here is another batch of fixes intended for 3.2. This includes an
mwifiex fix to enable association with “hidden” APs, a fix for avoiding
an unhandled RF kill interrupt when unloading iwlwifi, a NULL pointer
fix in the mac80211 radiotap code, a fix for ieee80211_build_probe_req
to pass-up a proper return code when ieee80211_probereq_get fails, a
race fix for mac80211 to avoid a WARNING in ieee80211_can_queue_work, a
NULL pointer fix in the cfg80211 regulatory code, and a fix for an
unaligned memory access in the libertas driver.

-Linus announces 3.2-rc2 (typo belongs to him :-) :

Linux 3.2-rc2 is out there now. Well, the git trees are there
( and github), and the tar-file should be all done, but the
patch is still uploading.

One thng worth noting: I got the new release scripts right, so now the
-rc2 files are found in their proper location under “v3.x/testing”,
unlike -rc1 that got put directly in “v3.x”. I’ll fix the -rc1
location when I’m somewhere with better network.

And for being an -rc2 release of a pretty large merge-window, it seems
to be quite reasonably sized. In fact, despite this having been the
largest linux-next in a release in our linux-next history (I think),
rc2 has the exact same number of commits since rc1 as we had during
the 3.1 release.

About half the changes are architecture fixups (m68k and arm, with
some powerpc and a smattering of others) Of the rest, about half is
drivers (much of it drm), and the rest is “filesystems and sundry

The shortlog is appended for people who enjoy that level of detail.


-Martin Schwidefsky has s390 updates for -rc3, Benjamin Herrenschmidt
updates the powerpc tree with some fixes, including PS3-related,
Jens Axboe has updates/fixes for linux-block, and with this, folks,
I say goodbye and wish you a nice weekend. See ya!


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