kernel weekly news – 15.10.2011

Posted: October 15, 2011 in kernel

Hello people and welcome!

-Dave Airlie has a few radeon (drm) fixes, Arnd Bergmann announces final arm-soc
fixes for 3.1, Steven Rostedt has a few tracing updates for 3.2 and James Bottomley
announces the restore of the SCSI trees back at They are to be found here:

-David Miller has a few bugfixes for the networking tree:

1) When iSCSI and FCOE are both in use, bnx2x allocated conflicting client IDs.
   Fix from Dmitry Kravkov.

2) MSCAN CAN driver copies one byte to many on odd packet lengths, fix from
   Wolfgang Grandegger.

3) Blue frame support in mlx4_en driver is busted on PowerPC due to endian
   bugs, fix from Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo.

4) When GRO pulls ipv6 extension headers, the protocol value changes,
   so it has to reload the protocol ops pointer.  Fix from Zheng Yan.

-As announced by Rob Pike, Dennis Ritchie passed away
today, 08.10 at the age of 70. Rest in peace, Dennis. You will be remembered.

-Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo announces perf/core fixes and improvements
(use git:// perf/core):

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (5):
  perf hists browser: Recalculate browser pointers after resort/decay
  perf hists: Don't free decayed entries if in the annotation browser
  perf ui browser: Handle SIGWINCH
  perf ui browser: Remove ui_browser__add_exit_keys
  perf top: Remove entries from entries_collapsed on decay

Stephane Eranian (1):
  perf hists: Fix compilation when NO_NEWT_SUPPORT is set

-Alex Elder has XFS updates:

Linus, please pull the following XFS changes for Linux 3.1.

In trying to track down the source of an XFS hang related to active
item pushing Christoph Hellwig identified three contributing
problems, addressed in the commits below.
- The first was that a "last pushed log sequence number" value was
  being updated when it should not have been.
- The second is that it is possible for a buffer containing inodes
  to be found pinned at the time it gets pushed, and that could
  cause pushing to stall.
- The third is related to the switch to using a workqueue for AIL
  pushing, which made it possible for pushing to get starved behind
  syncing activity.  At this late point in the cycle, the best
  course of action was to revert to using a kernel thread as was
  done previously.
The last change is simply adding tracepoints; feel free to exclude
it if you see fit.

These changes have not been through a linux-next build; portions of
them are incompatible with the XFS code that's being included there.
I have done builds and repeated tests with them however and expect
no problems.

Thank you.

-That’s it for this week. See ya.

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