kernel weekly news – 06.08.2011

Posted: August 6, 2011 in kernel

Hello people! Welcome to the first edition of August!

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab has media updates for 3.1, James
Bottomley has another round of scsi updates for 3.0
merge window, Dominik Brodowski has pcmcia updates,
as well as cpupowerutils, Anton Vorontsov has battery
updates, Geert Uytterhoeven updates m68k for 3.1 and
Paul Mundt has sh updates for 3.1-rc1 .

-Vinod Koul has slave-dmaengine updates, Tomi Valkeinen
has ompa display subsystem updates for 3.1
(“This pull request contains mostly OMAP display subsystem driver patches
related to preparing and making the DSS driver use runtime PM. Using
runtime PM creates new dependencies to the lower level arch stuff
(clocks and HWMODs), and while the patches for arch side have been ready
for some time, some of them seem to have fallen into some cracks and
didn’t make it into the pull requests sent by the HWMOD maintainer. And
then the maintainer went to vacation before I could react.

I had to make two hack patches to the DSS driver to circumvent the
problems. The hack patches are small and easily removed for -rc2
presuming the arch side gets fixed at that point.

So, this pull request got delayed until I could make the fixes and test
them, and thus I’m sending this directly to you, and not via fbdev tree.
I hope this is not too late to make it into 3.1-rc1.”), Grant Likely
has gpio updates for 3.1 merge window, Liam Girdwood has regulator fixes
for 3.1, Al Viro updates vfs and Theodore Ts’o has ext4fs updates for 3.1 .

-Greg Kroah Hartman starts the stable review cycle for, Andi Kleen
announces the release of (longterm), Takashi Iwai has sound fixes
for -rc1, and quite a lot of them, linux-dm gets updated by Alasdair G Kergon
and Chris Metcalf updates arch/tile (for 3.1) .

-Len Brown has acpi, idle and apei patches for 3.1, John W. Linville has wireless
updates, Greg Kroah Hartman announces the release of, Heiko Carstens
updates the s390 tree (for 3.1), James Bottomley issues parisc fixes for 3.0,
Dan Williams has dmaengine fixes for -rc and Ingo Molnar has core fixes .

-Greg Kroah-Hartman announces Linux 3.0.1 which can be found at
, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo updates perf/core, Dave Airlie has drm fixes,
David Miller has networking updates :

 The only serious regression that I know of which is still
pending is that forcedeth issue Ingo reported and I'm hoping
Jiri can resolve that quickly, otherwise we'll revert all the
VLAN changes as per Ingo's revert patch.

1) Fix sendmmsg() regressions, particularly wrt. certain LSMs which
   need to validate the sockaddr of every sendmsg call.  From
   Tetsuo Handa and Anton Blanchard.

2) Fix truncard ATM packets over br2864, from Chas Williams.

3) sfq_enqueue() corrupts queue state due to missing checks and
   call to qdisc_tree_decrease_qlen(), from Eric Dumazet.

4) Paul Moore contact info update.

5) Fix accidental TX restart during NIC unload in bnx2x driver, from
   Vladislav Zolotarov.

6) Fix setting MAC address on 8168e-vl chips, from Francois

7) dst->neighbour accesses need RCU handling now, since these days
   we can change it on a live object, fix from Eric Dumazet.

8) Two MLX4 bug fixes from Yevgeny Petrilin based upon reports by
   Roland Dreier.

9) Fix lost "wrap" bit in TX ring of macb driver during TX underrun
   recovery, from Tord Andersson.

10) Fix endianness problems in cdc_ncm driver, from Giuseppe Scrivano.

11) IPV4 multicast code uses wrong variable to index array, from Julia

12) Similar array indexing problem in NIU driver, also from Julia Lawall.

13) Fix sunrpc kerneldoc warning, from Randy Dunlap.

14) Fix ->real_parent access race in proc connector, from Oleg Nesterov.

15) Add device ID for DLINK 530T rev C1 to R8169 driver, from Lennart

16) sis190 needs private ->ndo_set_mac_address handler so it can update
    it's RX filter properly.  From Klement Fish.

17) Fix key lengths for rfc3686(ctr(aes)) IPSEC algorithm entry, from
    Tushar Gohad.

18) IPVS needs to unregister notifier on module unload, from Hans
    Schillstrom and Simon Horman.

19) Fix off-by-one in nl80211_trigger_scan(), from Dan Carpenter.

20) Fix rtlwifi OOPS on ARM, from Larry Finger.

21) Fix accidental bzero() of 'skb' instead of skb data area in rt2x00
    driver, oops, fix from Stanislaw Gruszka.

22) Fix regression causing iwlagn to not set driver private properly,
    from Emmanuel Grumbach.

23) Do not use power save idle mode on iwl 5000 series chips, from
    Wey-Yi Guy.

24) Wake on Lan doesn't work on second port of i350 IGB devices, fix
    from Carolyn Wyborny.

25) Fix suspend/resume on ath9k when ASM is disabled, from Stanislaw

Please pull, thanks a lot! 

and sparc updates :

 Just a few more Niagara T3 refinements as well as several
bug fixes, including:

1) On sun4v we need to access the TSB using physical addresses otherwise
   we can read/write different data than what the hypervisor and/or
   the hardware TSB walker does.

2) sparc32 __atomic_add_unless return value needs correction, from
   Josip Rodin.

3) Sun4v cpu mondo queue sizes could be way too large, and we'd fail
   to allocate them because the page allocation order would exceed
   MAX_ORDER.  Set a sane cap to fix the problem.

4) Sam Ravnborg's patch to use kbuild-generic.

5) Use the hypervisor interface to set the 'reboot-cmd' variable so
   that rebooting into the correct image works even if the service
   processor is dead or in degraded mode.

Please pull, thanks a lot! 

, and that’s this week’s (short) edition.

Have fun, whatever you do.

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