kernel weekly news – 09.07.2011

Posted: July 9, 2011 in kernel

Hello, everyone and welcome to this week’s edition!

-We start with Gustavo F. Padovan and his updates to bluetooth
(pull request), Dan Magenheimer updates xen (git pull),
Corentin Chary has a 16-piece patchset for acpi4asus aimed
at 3.1, John Stultz updates clocksource, time, rtc and x86 tsc,
Dave Airlie has a pull request for drm radeon/nouveau (adding
a way to identify the newer NVidia cards – 0xd0) , Takashi Iwai
updates sound for -rc6 (pull req.) and Jonas Bonn has a 19-piece
OpenRISC patchset :

 This is version 2 of the OpenRISC architecture patch set.  Changes
since version 1 include:

- general cleanups, removing unused code and variables, taking care of
  compiler warnings, etc.
- cleanups for all the errors spotted by
- changes in response to the feedback received for version 1 of the patch set
- simplification of the fixmap code
- simplification of the DMA code
- calculate loops_per_jiffy from cpu frequency passed in via devicetree
- rework io.h to use more generic code
- rework the delay code, making it more generic

- also, the module code has been reworked, making it more generic; this is
  not included in this patch as the generic parts are still pending review

Since version 1:
54 files changed, 793 insertions(+), 1900 deletions(-)

Once again, all this code can be found in the 'for-upstream' branch at:


Note, that there are three patches at the base of the branch that make
some changes to generic kernel code that are necessary for the OpenRISC
patches to work.  Those patches aren't included in this post as they have
already been posted for review earlier. 

-Guenter Roeck updates hwmon (for 3.0), so does Jean Delvare, Rafael J. Wysocki
has some documentation fixes for the pm tree, Paul Mundt – fbdev fixes, Robert Richter
updates oprofile for 3.1, James Bottomley has scsi fixes for -rc5 (pull req.) and
Arnd Bergmann has arm soc updates (git pull) .

-Linus Torvalds, in a mail titled “Linux 3.0-rc6 ..” announces the next
release candidate :

 and a happy Independence Day to all the US kernel people out there.

There is not a lot to be said about -rc6. The biggest part by far is
the inclusion of the intel isci driver - I was admittedly a bit
doubtful about it, but it's not like it is going to cause regressions
for any existing Linux users, so whatever.

And quite frankly, Christoph Hellwig has now _twice_ said good things
about that driver, which is pretty unusual. It might mean that the
driver is great. Of course, it's way more likely that space aliens are
secretly testing their happy drugs on Christoph. Or maybe he's just
naturally mellowing.

Other than the isci driver, the rest really is just lots of random
small stuff. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking I should
just release 3.0, because it's been pretty quiet, and the fixes
haven't been earth-shakingly exciting. Some drm (radeon and intel)
fixes might be noticeable to more people, the rest would tend to be
pretty esoteric.

And so, I'm off to make s'mores, 

-Samuel Ortiz announces mfd fixes (pull request), Christoph Hellwig
has regression fixes for hfsplus (same), Alan Cox has a huge
patchset for gma50, Frederic Weisbecker has sched/preempt fixes,
Sage Weil has ceph fixes for 3.0 and Greg Kroah-Hartman has 2 usb
fixes for 3.0 also.

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab has media fixes for 3.1-rc7
(” – mx1-camera were using an uninitialized variable;
– pwc issues at USB disconnect;
– several mceusb and lirc fixes;
– some OOPSes fixes at uvc driver;
– some videobuf2 fixes;
– some omap1 camera fixes;
– m5mols/s5p-fimc fixes (this is a driver added at 3.0 merge window);”),
Steven Rostedt has tracing updates in the form of a pull request,
Grant Likely has a gpio bugfix (git pull), Paul Turner presents
vers. 7.1 of the cfs bandwidth control patchset (17-piece), Joerg
Roedel has iommu for 3.1 and Jens Axboe has important block fixes
(pull req.) .

-Last minute news, as hot as they come :
-David Miller – networking :

 1) iwl_tx_queue_reset() doesn't clear out the right number of slots,
   fix from Emmanuel Grumbach.

2) DMA buffer leak in iwlagn, fix from Johannes Berg.

3) iwlwifi command buffers need to be DMA mapped as "bidirectional" as
   the chip can write back to them sometimes, fix from Johannes Berg.

4) Fix OOPS in mac80211 on MIC failure, from Arik Nemtsov.

5) Fix lost power up during resume in ath9k, from Rajkumar Manoharan.

6) Memory leak in ath5k, fix from Bob Copeland.

7) 6pack/mkiss need to use BH locking, fix from Arnd Bergmann.

8) Get rid of artificial ipv6 routing table size limits, this is
   hitting real people now.

9) Don't send ICMP errors on local socket created MTU events.  Fix
   from Steffen Klassert.

10) Fix mailbox execution crash in qlge, from Jitendra Kalsaria.

11) Fix mixup between "spin_lock_irqsave()" flags and flags
    passed to request_irq in bna driver, fix from Shyam Iyer.

12) vlan_features not set properly in 8139too, from Shan Wei.

13) Fix DMA unmap length in natsemi, from FUJITA Tomonori.

14) Use more POSIX'ly correct when wrong address family is used
    during ipv4 bind().  From Marcus Meissner.

15) Fix MAC address setting in greth driver, from Kristoffer Glembo.

16) Regression fix, have to always flood broadcasts on bridge.  Fix
    from Herbert Xu.

17) Global memory limits of TCP/UDP/SCTP are miscalculated when lots
    of hugepages are reserved.  Fix from Eric Dumazet.

18) SCTP_SENDER_DRY_EVENT are not always sent when they should be, fix
    from Wei Yongjun.

Please pull, thanks a lot! 

– git pull
-Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk – xen stable/bug.fixes for 3.0-rc6
-Ingo Molnar – scheduler fixes
-Rafael J. Wysocki – power management fixes – 3.0
-Greg Kroah Hartman – one usb fix,
-Dave Airlie – drm fixes
-John W. Linville – wireless

…and I’ll see ya next week! :)

  1. Andreas Tunek says:

    Do you know if there are any fixes to upstream?

  2. Andreas Tunek says:

    It seemed the discussion went of bugzilla to the Linux mailing list. I do not really know how to search that…..

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