kernel weekly news – 18.06.2011

Posted: June 18, 2011 in kernel

Hello and welcome! This week starts with…

-…David Miller and the networking tree :

 1) Memory leak in ISDN hfcsusb driver, from Jesper Juhl.
2) Network device leak in netpoll setup, from Dan Carpenter
3) Fix error handling in get_net_ns_by_fd() and sanitize error
   return values of l2tp_dfs_seq_open(), from Al Viro.
4) Bridge netfilter fake rtable ops needs cow_metrics handler, otherwise
   we OOPS, from Alexander Holler.
5) Endianness fix in dl2k EEPROM code from Daniel Hellstrom.
6) Signedness fix in ip{,6}_queue from Dave Jones.
7) Mark lockdep classes in IRDA properly.
8) Prevent kernel stack data leak in af_packet, from Eric Dumazet.
9) ep93xx_eth DMA et al. fixes from Mika Westerberg.
10) Bonding screws up TX queue selection on the way down to physical
    device, save and restore it properly, from Neil HOrman.
11) Fix conntrack ct leak in l4proto->error(), from Pablo Neira Ayuso.
12) am79c961 fixes from Russell King
13) Channel switch locking fixes in ilwagn from Stanislaw Gruszka.
14) IPSEC replay handling has off-by-one error, from Steffen Klassert.
15) gianfar filter table needs to be per-device, from Wu Jiajun-B06378.
16) Turn off ath5k fast channel switching by default, causes problems
    for some people.  From Nick Kossifidis.
17) CPU offlining can stall packet processing, fix from Heiko Carstens.

Please pull, thanks a lot! 

-Takashi Iwai has a lot of fixes for the sound tree (-rc3),
Kukjin Kim – Samsung fixes , also for -rc3, Sage weil steps
up with ceph fixes, Linus announces -rc3 –

 .. and this time even with a timely tar-ball, since I'm not traveling any more.

What do we have in it? More than in -rc2. I'm clearly not the only one
who was in Japan for LinuxCon, or something else just made people wake

There's a lot of small one-liners, but a few bigger chunks too: Radeon
DRI updates, some btrfs updates, and fixing Sparc LEON support (and
supporting PCI). Smaller updates to nilfs2 and ceph, and s390 and arm.
Other than that, it's mostly random driver updates all over.

I'm including the shortlog, which is fairly self-explanatory: small
random changes, nothing hugely interesting. It will matter to people
only if it happens to fix that one small nagging issue you had.

But as usual, I'll ask people to give it a good testing,


– and
Greg Ungerer has few m68knommu bugfixes.

-Dave Airlie issues drm fixes, Hans-Christian Egtvedt has avr32
updates, Steven Rostedt issues a chunk of tracing updates, Pekka
Enberg announges Native KVM Tool vers. 2, also a new version of upstart
is announced by James Hunt and Greg Kroah-Hartman starts the

- also gets a review and so does,
usbutils gets to version 003, Paul Mundt issues pull requests (3.0-rc4)
for the rmobile, fbdev and sh trees, Borislav Petkov and Tony Luck
have a ras update (mce cleanup), Al Viro has vfs patches for -rc4 and
Dave Airlie has drm fixes – “Slightly larger than I’d like, but Alex
is still bringing up some variants of the llano hardware platform
with different output configurations, so displaying something is nicer
than just black screening. I’ve done some testing on pre-llano systems
and haven’t seen any problems with it, so I’m happy to push it.

Otherwise there is one i915 revert, the GMBUS code was causing some
problems with the core i2c and needs a rework, one regression fix for UMS
drivers since I split the pci/platform/usb code out, a couple of minor radeon
fixes, and one radeon fix for a bug with some floating i2c lines on
certain family of motherboards.”

-This is the latest round of news before closing this week’s news:
-Tony Lindgren – omap fixes for -rc3 and…a nice weekend to y’all!


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