kernel weekly news – 28.05.2011

Posted: May 28, 2011 in kernel

Well, hello y’all and welcome! This week we begin with…

-…Oleg Nesterov who has ptrace/signal changes for .40, Ingo
Molnar has perf fixes, Thomas Glexiner has timer fixes, Tony
Luck has pstore and IA64 changes and David Miller updates the
networking tree :

 There are two small conflicts to resolve when you merge this:

1) arch/sparc/x86/Kconfig

   Your tree has a change that removes a select on ARCH_NO_SYSDEV_OPS,
   we have one that adds a select on HAVE_BPF_JIT.  Kill the former,
   keep the latter.

2) net/mac80211/agg-tx.c

   Keep the ieee80211_assign_tid_tx() function, delete kfree_tid_tx().

   This is due to the kfree_rcu() changes in your tree.

Anyways in this installment:

1) An x86-64 JIT for BPF filters from Eric Dumazet.

2) More work towards making ipv4 route entries generic enough such that
   we can remove the routing cache and lookup routes directly in the
   routing table.  Maybe by 2.6.41 or 2.6.42 we'll be able to pull this

3) Preferred source address selection support for ipv6, from Daniel Walter.

4) Batched device unregister support in veth and macvlan, and also some
   RCU synchronization removals during device teardown from Eric Dumazet.

5) Support for running ICMP applications like 'ping' unprivileged, from
   Vasiliy Kulikov.

6) SCTP_GET_ASSOC_ID_LIST socket option support from Wei Yongjun.

7) Support for new chipsets in r8169, from hayeswang.

8) Use RCU locking in CAIF protocol stack, from sjur.brandeland

9) Add QFQ (quick fair queue) packet scheduler, from Stephen Hemminger.

10) Add netlink notifications to bridge layer, also from Stephen.

11) Fix device driver handling of ethtool triggered LED blinking,
    via a new ->set_phys_id() ethtool op.  All drivers converted and
    the old ->phys_id() ethtool op is deleted.  From Stephen Hemminger.

12) RCU conversions in Phonet layer, from Rémi Denis-Courmont.

13) Many conversions of drivers over to netdev->hw_features, from
    Michał Mirosław.

14) Support for placing interfaces into hardware loopback mode, from
    Mahesh Bandewar.

15) TSO and other bug fixes in r8169 from Francois Romieu.

16) Handle ECN bits more correctly in fragments on ipv4, from
    Eric Dumazet.

Please pull, thanks a lot! 

-Jeff Garzik updates the libata tree for 2.6.40, Herbert Xu updates
the crypto tree, also for .40, Stefan Richter has firewire updates
(post .39), the rcu tree sees updates thanks to Paul E. McKenney
and Eric W. Biederman updates the nsfd (namespace file descriptors)
tree for .40.

Greg Kroah Hartman announces, Frederic Weisbecker has perf
updates, James Bottomley has updates for PA-RISC (.38 merge window),
Florian Tobias Schandinat updates viafb and David Miller updates sparc and ide.

-Ryusuke Konishi has update announcements for nilfs2 for 2.6.40, Avi Kivity
has updates for kvm (2.6.40), Ingo Molnar updates the x86 tree, Takashi
Iwai updates the sound subsystem (2.6.40), Jiri Kosina updates the
hid/apm/trivial trees, Ingo Molnar has quite a few perf fixes and
Guenter Roeck has updates for hwmon, aimed at .40 as well.

-arm updates are announced by Grant Likely, Thomas Gleixner
updates the timers tree for .40 and Greg Kroah-Hartman announces (;a=summary) and (;a=summary) and
also a big chunk of USB patches for 2.6.40, plus tty/serial drivers .

-Ingo Molnar returns with his usual domains of interest, this time it’s
sched-core and x86/apic, Jesse Barnes has PCI changes, John Stultz
has ptp updates, xfs updates are ready for 2.6.40-rc1 – by Alex Elder-,
Ogawa Hirofumi has fatfs patches, Mauro Carvalho Chehab has media
updates for the newly coming 3.0 and Paul Mundt has sh updates for -rc1 .

-Greg Ungerer has m68knommu updates, Artem Bityutskiy has UBI{,fs}
updates aimed at .40, Dmitry Torokhov has input updates for 2.6.40,
Martin Schwidefsky updates s390, also for .40, the drbd tree is updated
by Philipp Reisner (same, for .40) and Dominic Brodowski has updates
for the PCMCIA and cpupowerutils tree (2.6.40, or whatever its name :)

-Tejun Heo has updates for percpu – 2.6.40, Dave Airlie has a lot of drm updates
, Michal Marek comes forward with kbuild core updates, the security system
gets updates for 2.6.40 from James Morris, Jan Kara has ext2 and ext3 fixes
for -rc1 and Jens Axboe updates the parellel-io tree for 3.0 .

-Steven Rostedt has a 12-piece pull request containing patches for the tracing tree,
David Teigland updates the dlm tree, Paul Mundt has fbdev updates for -rc1,
Thomas Gleixner has timer updates for .40 (or whatever) and Jens Axboe updates
the block/splice trees.

-Eric Van Hensbergen has 9p changes (2.6.40 merge window), Paul Mundt
comes up with rmobile updates, Sage Weil has ceph updates for -rc1,
Chris Metcalf has arch/tile updates, David Miller has a bunch of networking
updates (“That majority of the bits here are just a merge with John Linville’s
queued up wireless stuff. This has been in his tree for more than
a week and I was just waiting for him to get back from a conference
to send the pull request to me.

Other noteworthy bits:

1) Erroneous socket filters can log kernel messages without control,
fix from Joe Perches.

2) Fix regression in the locking of interface dumping, from Eric Dumazet.

3) Fix crash in bridging due to improperly initialized route object,
also from Eric.

4) IP fragments give erroneous congestion notification signals in
SFQ packet scheduler, also from Eric.

5) Rest of networking %pK conversions, from Dan Rosenberg via Andrew

6) When the RTNL mutex is held, synchonize_net() can use
synchronize_rcu_expedited(). From Eric Dumazet.

7) Fix IGMP source filter clearing when users of the group still
exist, from Veaceslav Falico.

8) __dst_destroy_metrics_generic() forgets to set “read-only” bit
in the encoded pointer. Fix from Eric Dumazet.

9) dev_disable_lro() needs to propagate to underlying physical device
of a VLAN, from Neil Horman.

10) ASCONF memory leak in SCTP, fix from Wei Yongjun.

11) SFQ packet scheduler’s ->peek() method returns different packets
than ->dequeue() would, fix from Eric Dumazet.

12) Fix bonding deadlock in ALB mode, from Neil Horman.

Please pull, thanks a lot!”), Joel Becker has ocfs2 updates and
[…] sorry, seems that, due to personal issues, I couldn’t get this
week’s edition done on time. So, I’ll leave it as it is now and
will continue next week. Enjoy. :-)


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