kernel weekly news – 07.05.2011

Posted: May 7, 2011 in kernel

Hello everyone!

-We start this week’s news with Tony Lindgren’s OMAP fixes aimed
at -rc5; Ingo Molnar has the usual updates : x86, timer and perf
fixes, James Bottomley announces a few SCSI fixes for -rc5 and
Tejun Heo has wq fixes:

 Please pull from the following branch to receive fix for a deadlock
which can happen between rescuers and stop_machine() while bringing
down CPUs on non-preemptive kernels.  The problem could be
half-reliably reproduced by Thilo-Alexander while the system is
entering suspend.  The branch also contains another commit which
documents workqueue debugging tricks.

The pull will cause conflict against 25985edced (Fix common
misspellings).  The fixed misspelling unfortunately was in the comment
which the fix replaces.  The conflict can be resolved by simply taking
the version from the fix commit.

  git:// fixes-2.6.39 

-Willy Tarreau announces – -,
Tejun Heo has a pull request regarding x86/mm, namely unify 32/64-bit NUMA init
paths , Greg Kroah Hartman announces the release of and David Miller
announces changes to the networking tree :

 The commit count here is not as low as I would have liked, but it is the
usual smattering of one-liners fixing problems people are actually
running into.  Considering the fact that the last networking pull
request was nearly 2 weeks ago, the hit count isn't that bad.

Along with the straight-out fixes, there are a few reverts for changes
that caused clear regressions.


1) Revert veth change, breaks configuration of veth devices, from Jiri

2) WoL by default isn't done properly in tg3 driver, from Rafael
   J. Wysocki.

3) fs_enet driver doesn't configure multicast into the chip properly,
   from Andrea Galbusera.

4) Fix QoS config send halting TX in iwlwifi, from Daniel Halperin.

5) atl1c manages async work events using non-atomic bit field, use
   atomic bitops to fix these races, from Tim Gardner.

6) Revert bridging change which broke 802.3ad bonding inside of

7) Removing a net driver can wedge in netconsole due to recursive
   locking, fix from Neil Horman.

8) bnx2x blindly dereferences packets as if they were all TCP,
   fix to check protocol type properly and handle UDP correctly
   as well.  From Eric Dumazet and Vladislav Zolotarov.

9) Fix r8169 to not request firmware before userspace is even
   present, from Francois Romieu.

10) Blackhole routes need to provide ->cow_metrics() op otherwise
    we OOPS, from Held Benhard.

11) IPSEC replay window handling fixes from Steffen Klassert.

12) usbnet can wedge on resume because a pending interrupt URB
    gets lost, resubmit it on resume.  From Paul Stewart.

13) Pending timer on remove results in OOPS in bnx2 driver, fix
    from Neil Horman.

14) ftmac100 does usleep_range() in non-sleepable contexts, fix
    to use udelay() for now.  From Adam Jaremko.

15) AF_UNIX sockets use a dummy packet send in order to implement
    connect() and accept().  We want to completely ignore these
    pseudo-packets in recvmsg() otherwise we can OOPS.  Fix
    from Eric W. Biederman.

16) Every net namespace creation emits an annoying log message from
    the fib_trie code, kill it.  From Alexey Dobriyan.

17) Invalid ioctl commands should emit -ENOTTY not -EINVAL.  From
    Lifeng Sun.

18) smsc95xx driver checks BMCR register bit improperly, it's
    actually using a register address (which is zero and thus
    the test never passes) :-)  Sharp eyed fix from Rabin Vincent.

19) Calls to register_net_sysctl_table() should be consistently
    paired with unregister_net_sysctl_table().  Fix broken cases,
    from Lucian Adrian Grijincu.

20) RAW CAN socket release can OOPS due to missing 'sk' check, from
    Oliver Hartkopp.

    The BCM CAN code has an identical bug, also fixed here, as
    was originally reported by Dave Jones.

    These bugs were uncovered thanks to Dave's syscall stresser.

21) SKB use after free fixes in iwlwifi and iwl4965, from Stanislaw

22) udp6_ufo_fragment() mis-calculates SKB headroom, from Shan Wei.

23) A conversion of how the RTAX_HOPLIMIT mertric is handled in ipv6
    missed one case, resulting in addrconf routes always using
    "255" as the hop limit.  Fix from Thomas Egerer.

24) Missing counter bump in be2net driver results in temperature
    sense happening way too often, from Ivan Vecera.

25) agg_device_up() in the bonding code uses the wrong method to find
    the aggregator of the bond, it should use agg->lag_ports->slave
    instead of agg->slave.  Fix from Jiri Bohac.

26) Bluetooth HCI connect code does one refcount grab too many,
    fix from Ville Tervo.

Please pull, thanks a lot!

-Chris Ball announces some MMC fixes aimed at 2.6.39-rc6, Ingo Molnar
, as usual, updates x86 and irq, Dave Airlie has updates for the drm tree,
James Morris updates the security-testing tree, Frederic Weisbecker
has hw_breakpoint fixes and …..

-Linus Torvalds announces 2.6.39-rc6, with the following immortal words:

 Most of the stuff here no normal user will ever really notice (like
the ARM kprobes series), and most of the rest is the usual one-liner
random driver stuff.

But we had one really interesting bug that showed itself as an RCU
failure on UP, which turned out to be due to a scheduler problem,
which in turn turned out to be a timer initialization issue. That was
interesting and rather obscure.

But most of it is just pretty random. Some media updates, some NFS
work, some drm fixes, documentation, etc. Pretty small, and the bugs
have been pretty obscure on the whole. We're still chasing some stuff
down, but I think we're ok for -rc6. This isn't going to be the final
-rc, but it doesn't seem to be in bad shape, and people who have
posted regression reports please check them again, and people who
haven't, please do give it a test. 

-Mauro Carvalho Chehab has updates for v4l/dvb (-rc7), Sage Weil
has ceph fixes , also for -rc7, usb fixes are issued by Greg Kroah
Hartman, John Stultz announces rtc fixes for 2.6.39 and

…this week is over, so I wish you a fun weekend !


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