kernel weekly news – 16.04.2011

Posted: April 16, 2011 in kernel

Hello, y’all, and welcome! We begin with…

-…Takashi Iwai’s sound fixes for -rc3, David Miller has some networking updates –

 There is going to be a merge conflict to resolve, due to the tree
wide spelling fixes that went in last week, but it's trivial to

1) ipset bug fixes from Jozsef Kadlecsik.

2) Fix regression in rt_iif management in ipv4 routes, reported
   and fixed by OGAWA Hirofumi.

3) Link sensing and RX ring buffer corruption fixes in mlx4 driver,
   from Yevgeny Petrilin.

4) Add some IDs to smsc95xx driver, from Steve Glendinning.

5) Add some IDs to mv88e6131 driver, from Peter Korsgaard.

6) Fix dead loop in pppoe driver, from Ulrich Weber.

7) Fix suspend/resume in be2net driver, from Padmanabh Ratnakar and
   Sarveswara Rao Mygapula.

8) B43 wireless doesn't allocate large enough RX buffers, from John
   W. Linville.

9) Array missing entry for 9485 revisions in ath9k driver, fix from
   Senthil Balasubramanian.

10) Fix duplicate wireless frames on cooked monitor, from Helmut

11) Validate NVS file struct descriptor length given by the user,
    fix from Luciano Coelho.

12) Add IDs to p54usb driver, from Christian Lamparter.

13) Don't try to cancel work that never was created in rt2x00 driver,
    from Stanislaw Gruszka.

14) Fix mac_lock handling in smsc911x driver, from Enric Balletbo i Serra.

15) Handle firmware heartbeat failure properly in bnx driver, from
    Rasesh Mody and Debashis Dutt.

16) Fix shutdown crash in be2net driver, from Ajit Khaparde.

17) Missed setting rxhash of socket in ipv6 code, from Neil Horman.

Please pull, thanks a lot! 

,Grant Likely updates the spi tree and Theodore Ts’o has updates for the ext4 tree, aimed at -rc3.

-Alex Elder updates the XFS tree (-rc1), John W. Linville announces wireless updates for 11.04 –

 Here is another batch intended for 2.6.39.  Included is an mwl8k fix
to avoid freeing an irq that we never requested, an ath common code
fix to add a regulatory domain mapping code, an ath9k fix to avoid some
crashes on MIPS boards and fix some radio stability issues on AR9285, a
p54 fix to avoid a device lock-up caused by an uninitialized variable,
an iwlagn fix to correct for an incorrect antenna configuration value
in EEPROM on iwl5300 hardware, and an Kconfig fix for iwlegacy to
keep old kernel build configurations still building iwl3945 and/or
iwl4965 after the iwlagn/iwlegacy split.

Please let me know if there are problems!


-, and of course, I’d say that news of the week by far is Linus’ announcement regarding the release of 2.6.39-rc3:

 It's been another almost spookily calm week. Usually this kind of
calmness happens much later in the -rc series (during -rc7 or -rc8,
say), but I'm not going to complain. I'm just still waiting for the
other shoe to drop.

And it is possible that this really ended up being a very calm release
cycle. We certainly didn't have any big revolutionary changes like the
name lookup stuff we had last cycle. So I'm quietly optimistic that no
shoe-drop will happen.

Anyway, not only has it been calm, it's been pretty normal. Two thirds
drivers is pretty normal, with the rest being fairly spread out all
over: [snip...] and the appended shortlog shows more details if you care. Nothing

Let's hope the release cycle continues like this. I _like_ it when
people really seem to follow the whole "big changes during the merge
window" rules.

Thanks guys,


Samuel Ortiz has updates for the mfd tree:

 This is an MFD fix for 2.6.39.
The fix is for allowing MFD sub devices drivers to reach both their MFD cell
pointers and their platform data ones. We were previously doint that through
mfd_get_data(), but that could be troublesome for generic IP drivers being
used as both MFD sub devices drivers and generic platform drivers.
We fixed that by adding an MFD cell pointer to the platform_device structure,
and that will also allow us to get rid of the mfd_get_data() routine. I'll
leave that for the next merge window as it touches more than 20 drivers.
Greg and Grant reviewed this fix, and Greg ACKed it. 

-Greg Kroah-Hartman posts the review – it’s a 105-piece
patchset which you can find here :

-Dave Airlie announces drm fixes :

 This should have gone out a few days ago, but I was trapped watching 
Disney shows with my daughter at home and I wanted to check it on a few 
more machines,

Its got two reverts, one for a change I pushed out by accident to -fixes, 
the other for a Xen/TTM change, that looks to be causing non-Xen 
problems so punting on it for now. The rest is mostly nouveau + radeon 
fixes, the radeon ones fix a few regressions and stability problems on 
newer cards.

I suspect I'll have a few more intel fixes and v2 of the i915 patch I 
reverted out of this pull, it fixes a problem on the dual-gpu laptops reported a 
long while ago. 

-Matthew Garrett announces a few updates for the x86-specific drivers
tree (-rc3), Greg Kroah-Hartman starts the longterm review for,
same for and I’m off for the weekend! See ya next week!


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