kernel weekly news – 09.04.2011

Posted: April 9, 2011 in kernel

Hello world! Welcome to this week’s edition!

-Takashi Iwai has a bunch of “small and easy fixes” for the sound subsystem
aimed @ -rc2, Guan Xuetao updates the unicore32 tree (for -rc1), Ingo
Molnar updates the perf, scheduler, x86 and core trees, Michal Simek
has updates on the microblaze tree (-rc2) and Dave Airlie announces
drm fixes.

-David Miller announces changes to the networking tree, as follows :

 1) TCP ipv6 mis-interprets error pointer, from Boris Ostrovsky.

2) Ease a BUG() into a warning in TCP, from Ilpo Järvinen.

3) SCTP under-allocates asconf-ack chunks, from Wei Yongjun.

4) fix dev_ethtool_get_rx_csum() NETIF_F_RXCSUM handling, from
   Michał Mirosław.

5) Add some device IDs to rt2x00, from Xose Vazquez Perez.

6) starfire dma_addr_t size test no longer needs to be a mess, from
   FUJITA Tomonori.

Please pull, thanks a lot!

The following changes since commit d7c764c4c7b782c660b4600b0bff2e3509892a4d:

  Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git:// (2011-04-04 08:37:45 -0700)

are available in the git repository at: master 

-A btrfs pull request is issued here by Chris MAson, aimed at -rc2, and we have some
sad news, it’s about David Brownell who passed away recently (announced on
the list by Greg Kroah Hartman ) – he will be missed; Dmirty Torokhov updates
the input tree (for 2.6.39-rc1) and Benjamin Herrenschmidt announces
minor updates on the powerpc tree.

-Linus Torvalds announces 2.6.39-rc2 :

 It's been an uncommonly calm -rc2, which should make me really happy,
but quite honestly just makes me really suspicious.

You guys are up to something, aren't you?

Anyway, 35% arch (ARM and power, some unicore32 cleanups), 35% drivers
(net, input and some drm), and 30% random (doc updates, perf, net,
btrfs). Because it's such a small -rc, I'm appending the shortlog,
something I usually don't get to do until -rc3 or -rc4.

This should hopefully fix up the most annoying -rc1 problems. We had a
couple, like the plugging issues with the IDE layer, causing some
machines to not boot. Or the tty-full-and-hung one. And just the small
fallout from the irq cleanups (which affected a couple of less common

But on the whole really not a lot. Which is sincerely _hope_ is a sign
that 2.6.39 is going to be a simple release.

Knock wood. Go out and test,


Don’t know about you guys, but my git pull is running as I type this. :-)

-Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has updates on the perf tree, John W. Linville
updates the wireless tree (“Here is another batch of fixes intended for 2.6.39…

This includes a fix to avoid receiving duplicate frames in “cooked”
monitor mode, a mac80211 documentation fix to avoid developer
confusion, an rt2x00 fix to avoid cancelling some uninitialized work,
a wl12xx buffer overflow fix, an email address correction for wl12xx
module info, a zd1211rw regression fix, a zd1211rw WARNING fix,
and rtlwifi fix to avoid using some uninitialized variables, a fix
to broaden the iwl600 hardware supported by iwlagn to match what the
Windows driver is supporting, a b43 fix to allocate properly sized
receive buffers, and some stuff related to device IDs.

Please let me know if there are problems!”)
and Jiri Kosina updates the hid tree .

-Artem Bityutskiy announces 2.6.39-targeted ubi/ubifs updates,
Avi Kivity has kvm updates for -rc2, Ingo Molnar updates
the x86, irq, perf, timer and scheduler trees with smallish fixes,
Paul Mundt updates the sh, rmobile and fbdev (-rc3) and
Martin Schwidefsky has s390 patches for -rc2.

-This marks the end of this week’s news. See you soon!


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