kernel weekly news – 05.03.2011

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Fedora, kernel, OpenSUSE

Hello, my friends, and welcome to the show that never ends! :P Ok, ok, I plagiated
a well known 70’s song, but let’s get down to business!

-Joel Becker announces a couple of fixes for the ocfs tree aimed @ 2.6.38-rc,
Ingo Molnar arrives with his usual git pull requests, namely x86, perf and timer,
Tony Lindgren has omap fixes for -rc6 and Rajiv Andrade has fixes for the
TPM tree, as he explains below :

 Please pull from:
  git:// for-james

The first change corrects the logic used to extract timeouts values from TPMs.
This second version includes an adjustment of such values from msecs to usecs,
since some chips return such values in the first form, causing some commands
to fail due the resulting short timeouts.

The second change re-enables TPM interrupts after a resume, making sure
that the TPM interrupts are enabled when running in the interrupt mode.
The TPM's interrupt enable register maye have been cleared by
the TPM's TIS loosing its state during device sleep in ACPI S3 (suspend)
or by the BIOS, which upon resume sends a TPM_Startup() command to the
TPM, and may run the TPM in polling mode and leave the TIS interrupts
disabled once it transfers control to the OS again. 

-We continue with fixes and pull reqs and we find Dave Airlie with drm fixes,
to be precise a security fix and a nouveau corruption fix; John W Linville
has “a handful of fixes intended for 2.6.38”, intended of course for the
wireless tree, Benjamin Herrenschmidt has three patches for the powerpc
tree and Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has a few perf/core improvements.

-Linus Torvalds announced 2.6.38-rc7 with this short comment :

 There really isn't a lot to report here. Driver updates (random
one-liners and some sound soc codec and smaller dri updates) and a few
filesystem updates (in particular btrfs fiemap and ENOSPC handling),
but most of it really is pretty tiny. Regressions fixed, hopefully
none introduced..

-Samuel Ortiz has 5 MFD fixes, aimed at 2.6.38, Al Viro proposes vfs
fixes (i_nlink) and Jens Axboe has important fixes for the block tree for
2.6.38 :

 This is a LOT larger than I would like at this point in time,
but all of them are fixing important bugs. Well except the kerneldoc
change, but that is harmless.

- The block BKL conversion introduced a deadlock in loop, since the
  mutex isn't recursive like the BKL is. This private mutex isn't
  needed, so get rid of it.

- Fix a problem where blktrace does not detect the right request type.
  So we miss things like a SYNC tag.

- Fix a bug triggering on IDE due to how we handle flush completions.
  This is causing crashes.

- Fix a deadlock in the throttling code due to using kblockd.

Please pull!

  git:// for-linus 

-The stable version of 2.6.32, namely, is announced by Greg KH,
who comments :

 I'm announcing the release of the kernel.

All users of the 2.6.32 kernel series must upgrade.

It only contains one patch, a revert of a patch that broke the build on
a number of systems and should have never been included in the .32 tree.
This was my fault, I had it reverted in my local development machine,
but forgot to sync it up to my laptop which I took with me this week
while traveling to a Linux Foundation conference, where I did the final

Sorry for any problems this might have caused.

The updated 2.6.32.y git tree can be found at:
and can be browsed at the normal git web browser:;a=summary 

-Speaking of long-ish announcements, we have David Miller with his updates
on networking :

 I have one ipv6 regression I'm still working on, but other
than that I think we look reasonably good.

1) skge carrier link state fix from Stephen Hemminger.

2) ipv6 sysctls operate on incorrect namespace sometimes, fix from
   Lucian Adrian Grijincu.

3) Add ID to carl9170 USB driver.

4) __hw_addr_del_multiple() passed wrong type into __hw_addr_del(), fix
   from Hagen Paul Pfeifer.

5) bnx2x fix to parity error blocking, from Vladislav Zolotarov.

6) netlink_dump() errors ignored and not properly propagated.  Fix from
   Andrey Vagin.

7) dnet and macb use platform_set_drvdata() on wrong object type, fixes
   from Jamie Iles and Ilya Yanok.

8) FEC driver platform_device_id table not terminated properly.

9) f_phonet get OOPS with highmem, fix from Rémi Denis-Courmont.

10) nla_policy_len() forgets to actually iterate policy pointer in loop,
    fix from Lars Ellenberg.

11) Missing checks in RX handling result in warnings from davinci_emac
    driver, fix from Vinay Hegde.

12) IPVS locking fix from Julian Anastasov.

13) DCCP gets oops on reset after close, fix from Gerrit Renker.

14) nf_log oops on bind with invalid nfproto value, fix from Jan

15) Fix e1000e PHY wakeup for ICH10, from Bruce Allan.

16) dcbnl checks wrong OPS for NULL, fix from John Fastabend.

17) CNIC status block race and lost interrupt fix from Michael Chan.

18) RXRPC fixes from David Howells and Anton Blanchard, handle ACKALL
    packets which OpenAFS now emits, and fix regression in rxrpc_key

19) Disable ASPM in r8169, causes lots of problems.

20) The usual peppering of small fixes via John Linville and the
    wireless crew.

Please pull, thanks a lot! 

-Paul Mundt has, with no lengthy announcements this time, updates for the sh
and rmobile trees aimed at 2.6.38-rc8 and Tejun Heo posts NUMA updates (x86_64);
this is it for me this week; take care and enjoy yourselves. :-)

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