kernel weekly news – 12.02.2011

Posted: February 11, 2011 in kernel

Howdy everyone and welcome! We have a lot of exciting news this week, so let’s get

-David Miller has a pull request on the networking tree with lots of fixes, as
explained by him below :

 Lots of little fixes in here, as is usually the case at this point.

The qeth fixes and the XEN netfront buggy guest handling are the
largest changes, with the ipv4/ipv6 multicast compat ioctl handling
bits next in terms of size.

1) Missing ref grab in netfilter conntrack netlink, from Pablo Neira Ayuso.
2) IPV6 boundary checks busted in xt_iprange module, from Thomas Jacob.
3) Wrong indexes used in loop in batman-adv module, leading to crash, fix
   from Linus Lüssing.
4) rtlwifi refactoring caused regressions in firmware upload, fix from
   Chaoming Li.
5) Fix error handling in ath5k_hw_dma_stop, from Bob Copeland.
6) Frame endianness fixes in ath5k, also from Bob Copeland.
7) Fix crashes due to ath9k tasklet shutdown races, from Stanislaw Gruszka.
8) Fix build warnings in econet, from Eric Dumazet.
9) Handle buggy guests setting of NETRX_csum_* in XEN netfront driver, from
   Ian Campbell.
10) Fix DMA-API debugging message spew in dl2k driver due to double
    unmaps.  Fix from Stanislaw Gruszka.
11) In rtnetlink, validate_linkmsg() uses wrong afinfo pointer.  Fix
    from Kurt Van Dijck.
12) __alloc_skb() needs kmemcheck annotations to avoid false positives,
    from Eric Dumazet.
13) Remove some complications wrt. ipv6 inetpeer binding.  All reports
    about triggered warnings et al. should be gone now.
14) napi_reuse_skb() must reset skb->dev and skb->iif, from Herbert Xu
    and Andy Gospodarek.
15) CAIF protocol headers need userspace export.  From Sjur Braendeland.
16) Fix oops on adding network namespace, fix from Eric W. Biederman.
17) ipv4 and ipv6 multicast ioctls need compat handling.  Based upon
    some initial work by Eric W. Biederman and some audits by Arnd
18) batman-adv module unhashes wrong object on failures, fix from
    Sven Eckelmann.
19) batman-adv forgets to free memory in free_info(), also from Sven.
20) batman-adv list traversal in send_vis_packets() drops lock inside
    it's loop, so we have to iterate over the head to be thread safe.
    Also from Sven Eckelmann.
21) bnx2x driver fixes from Yaniv Rosner and Eilon Greenstein.
22) wl12xx wireless has use-after-free error, fix from Mathias Krause.
23) Fix OOPS regression with IPSEC, ipv4/ipv6 blackhole dst ops need
    to implement a "default_mtu" method.  Fix from Roland Dreier.
24) CAN softing driver needs to depend upon IOMEM.
25) get_rps_cpu() erroneously elides flow processing when RPS map has
    length of one.  Fix from Tom Herbert.
26) ipv6 unregisters sysctl tables in wrong order, resulting in
    WARNING in unregister_sysctl_table().  Fix from Eric W. Biederman.
27) enc28j60 driver uses "sizeof(pointer)" when it means "sizeof(array)",
    fix from Stefan Weil.
28) vhost spews bogus RCU warnings, fix from Micahel S. Tsirkin.
29) arpt_mangle.c's checkentry() was changed to return int, but it
    still erroneously returns "false" and "true".  Fix from Pable
    Neira Ayuso.
30) Fix netfilter conntrack event filtering, also from Pablo.
31) SKB leak in ath_paprd_send_frame(), fix from Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan.
32) Mixed up boolean operators in vxge driver result in condition
    always true, fix from Stefan Weil.
33) Remove use of undefined operation in depca driver, from Alan Cox.
34) ISDN icn driver strncpy() usage fix, from Stefan Weil.
35) be2net driver erroneously mucks with tx queue status during link
    up/down, resulting in crashes.  Fix from Ajit Khaparde.
36) be2net illegally calls netif_stop_queue() before register_netdevice()
    happens, also from Ajit.
37) s390 qeth fixes from Ursula Braun, Frank Blaschka, and Stefan Weil.
38) Fix races between interface up/down and get_stats in NIU driver.
39) Like nlmsg_cancel(), genlmsg_cancel() must explicitly handle NULL
    second argument (before we subtract from it and it no longer
    looks like "NULL").  Analysis and fix from Julia Lawall.
40) R8169 bug fixes via Francois Romieu:
    a) 8168c needs RxFIFO overflow workaround too, from Ivan Vecera.
    b) Refine RxFIFO overflow logic to reset less, from Francois.
    c) Interrupt handler needs to be more careful in RxFIFO overflow
       cases, also from Francois.
41) Bridging code inserts FDB entries to the hash table before they
    are fully initialized.  Since FDB lookup uses RCU this is a serious
    issue, from Pavel Emelyanov.
42) Some CAN drivers create world-writable sysfs files, oops.  Fix from
    Vasiliy Kulikov. 

-Michael Witten published his updates regardin the Makefile for tools/perf;
there are 68 fixes , mainly attempting to get rid of “[git] cruft”, as the
author states, Ingo Molnar has fixes for the x86, perf, timer and irq trees,
Takashi Iwai announces sound fixes and Benjamin Herrenschmidt has
a few fixes for the powerpc tree.

-Again on git pull requests, updates and fixes, Chris Mason has a chunk of
btrfs updates, adding up since -rc1, as he says, Neil Brown announces a few updates
for 2.6.38 and Jens Axboe has block fixes of no little importance for -rc3.

-Linus Torvalds announces the release of 2.6.38-rc4, as follows :

    No travel or cyclone-dodging this time, so as promised, the -rc's are
now back to the usual weekly schedule.

There's nothing much that stands out here. Some arch updates (arm and
powerpc), the usual driver updates: dri (radeon/i915), network cards,
sound, media, scisi, some filesystem updates (cifs, btrfs), and some
random stuff to round it all out (networking, watchpoints,
tracepoints, etc).

Pretty small, all in all. I'd obviously prefer it to be even smaller,
and I actually dropped a pull request or two, but for being -rc4 this
is by no means horrible. As long as it keeps shrinking, I'll be happy.


-It’s David Miller again with a wealth of networking updates :

 1) Fix for x25 rmmod hang w/DEBUG_PAGE_ALLOC found by Randy Dunlap.

2) Fix for the hysdn "writes to const" bug, also found by Randy.

3) virtio_net napi_enable() fix from Bruce Rogers via Rusty.

4) Fix network device queue lockdep regression, we initialize the
   lockdep class (based upon dev->type) before we invoke setup()
   callback, which is where dev->type is actually set properly.

5) While fixing #4 I found a bug in net/caif wherein is uses
   the setup() function to create state that would need to
   be unwound on failure, which isn't possible in this context.

6) x25 leaks SKBs on bad facilities, fix from Andrew Hendry.

7) pch_gbe wedges when rx offload is set by ethtool, fix from Toshiharu Okada.

8) pch_can bug fixes from Tomoya MORINAGA.

9) batman-adv packet merging can crash on non-linear packets, fix from
   Sven Eckelmann.

10) Double SKB free fix in ath9k from Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan.

11) Mem leak in sis900 RX error path, from Jesper Juhl.

12) Fix mac80211 SKB clone check in TX path, from Felix Fietkau.

13) ixgbe header split erratum fix from Don Skidmore.

Please pull, thanks a lot! 

-This is, ladies and gents, the last group of updates from the kernel world, for
this week, that is. Here goes:
-James Morris – Security subsystem fixes for -rc8
-Theodore Ts’O – Ext4 regression and bugfixes for 2.6.38
-Rusty Russell – The x86 subtree – cpumask offstack finalization

-And, that being said, I wish y’all a great weekend! See ya!


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