kernel weekly news – 29.01.2011

Posted: January 28, 2011 in kernel

Hello, people! Welcome to the last edition of KWN of January!
We have cool updates from the kernel world, so keep reading…

-Thomas Gleixner committed 37 genirq code cleanups for 2.6.38, as follows :

 h8300: Convert to new irq_chip functions
      h8300: Convert interrupt handling to flow handler
      h8300: Use generic irq Kconfig
      cris: Use irq handling wrapper
      cris: Convert V10 interrupt handling
      cris: Convert V32 interrupt handling
      cris: Use generic irq Kconfig
      m32r: Cleanup direct irq_desc access
      m32r: Convert m32104ut irq handling
      m32r: Convert m32104ut irq chip
      m32r: Convert m32700ut pld irq chip
      m32r: Convert m32700ut lanpld irq chip
      m32r: Convert m32700ut lcdpld irq chip
      m32r: Convert mappi irq chips
      m32r: Convert mappi2 irq chip
      m32r: Convert mappi3 irq chip
      m32r: Convert oaks32r irq chips
      m32r: Convert opsput irq chip
      m32r: Convert opsput pld irq chip
      m32r: Convert opsput lanpld irq chip
      m32r: Convert opsput_lcdpld irq chip
      m32r: Convert usrv platform irq handling
      m32r: Convert to generic irq Kconfig
      genirq: Remove __do_IRQ
      alpha: Use generic irq Kconfig
      blackfin: Use generic irq Kconfig
      frv: Use generic irq Kconfig
      ia64: Use generic irq Kconfig
      m68knommu: Use generic irq Kconfig
      microblaze: Use generic irq Kconfig
      mn10300: Use generic irq Kconfig
      parisc: Use generic irq Kconfig
      powerpc: Use generic irq Kconfig
      score: Use generic irq Kconfig
      sparc: Use generic irq Kconfig
      tile: Use generic irq Kconfig
      um: Use generic irq Kconfig 

-Stefan Richter has an update and a fix for the firewire tree for versions post -rc1,
also Tejun Heo has two patches for the wq (workqueue) tree, targetted at -rc1,
also from him comes a percpu patch for -rc1, and….

-Linus Torvalds announces 2.6.38-rc2, with a rather short announcement, which
we will reproduce entirely :

 So it's been distinctly less than a week, but I'm leaving for LCA
tomorrow, so I wanted to  (a) get an -rc out before that and (b)
verify that the laptop I'm taking with me is all prepared with the
proper signing keys and silly release scripts etc. So if you see
something odd in the release, holler, and I can still hopefully make
sure I fix up whatever script/config issue I have.

Anyway. -rc2 is out there, and the only reason it's reasonably sized
is that it was a short -rc2 - I think a few of the pull requests I got
were a bit larger than I would have been happy with. And I might as
well warn people that because the laptop I'm bringing with me is
pitifully slow, I'm also planning on going into "anal" mode, and not
even bother pulling from trees unless they are clearly -rc material.
IOW, don't try to push large pushes on me. I won't take them, and they
can wait for 39.

(Which is just as well - we definitely have enough excitement in 38 already)

Of course, it's entirely possible that things will be quiet due to a
number of other maintainers presumably also being at LCA, so hopefully
that "Linus is going into anal mode" warning was totally superfluous.

So give it a good testing,


-Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has a pull request for the perf tree, with 5 changes and 26 files affected;
James Morris has a round of security (security-updates-2.6) updates/fixes for .38, and
Rusty Russell has a modules/param pull request for .38.

– Ingo Molnar comes up with a series of patches/fixes involving the x86, perf and scheduler trees and
Tony Lindgren has some omap fixes for -rc2 :

 This is mostly to fix issues with recent omap1_defconfig and sched_clock

We need both the MPU timer and the 32KiHz timer usable together for
omap1_defconfig. This is needed as the 32KiHz timer is not available on
omap15xx or 730. Did not notice this earlier with omap1_defconfig as it
does not have CONFIG_PRINTK_TIME set currently..



In the meantime, Junio C Hamano announces Git 1.7.4-rc3, which you can
grab at ; Nicholas A. Bellinger
sends out an e-mail , informing us of the release of TCM/LIO v4.0.0-rc7 for 2.6.38-rc2,
with the following words :

 Greetings all,

TCM/LIO v4.0.0-rc7 for 2.6.38-rc2 has been tagged and pushed into the
LIO upstream tree at @ lio-core-2.6.git/linus-38-rc2.  At this point
lio-core-2.6.git/linus-38-rc2 has been synced with mainline target code,
and the v4.0.0-rc7 PULL requests will be sent out shortly.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted patches and gave feedback this
round for LIO upstream code.  With these v4.0 changes headed into
mainline, the new lio-4.1 development tree will be starting shortly for
items tagged as 'for-39'.


and , in the land of pull requests, here’s Dave Airlie with a bunch
of drm fixes , also we have Dave Brown with sdcc driver fixes, Nicholas
Bellinger again with target updates for -rc3 (announcement follows)

 Hi James and Co,

Here are the latest v4.0.0-rc7 updates for mainline drivers/target/ code
rebased against linux-2.6.git -> .38-rc2.  These individual patches have
been reviewed on linux-scsi and commited into the upstream LIO kernel
tree, so please consider pulling for .38-rc3:

   git:// for-38-rc3

Also at this point, having Linus pull directly from
scsi-post-merge-2.6.git/for-38-rcX for mainline target bugfixes +
improvements may make more sense.

Linus/Andrew/James, please let me know which you prefer here. 

and, finally, Manjunatha Halli having an announcement regarding the
WL128x FM V4L2 driver :

 Hi Mauro,

Please pull the WL128x FM V4L2 driver from fm_v4l2_upstream

This is TI WL128x FM V4L2 driver and it introduces ‘wl128x’ folder
under the ‘drivers/media/radio’. This driver enables support for FM RX
and TX for Texas Instrument's WL128x (also compatible with WL127x)
WiLink chip sets. The V4L2 FM driver can work in either Rx or Tx mode,
and V4L2 interfaces are provided for both.

Texas Instrument's WL128x chip set packs BT, FM, GPS and WLAN in a
single die with BT, FM and GPS being interfaced over a single UART.
This driver works on top of the shared transport line discipline
driver. This driver can also be made use for the WL127x version of the
chip which packs BT, FM and WLAN only.

This driver has been reviewed by various folks within TI and also in
Linux media community. The driver has been tested extensively on TI
platforms and we believe that it is ready for merge into mainline. 

-Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo has a perf pull request for Ingo Molnar, introducing some improvements
that should benefit commonly-used tools such as top or stat; Paul Mundt has updates for
the fbdev, sh and rmobile trees, aimed at -rc3, John W. Linville has wireless updates for
2.6.38, painly patches and fixes and David Miller has another batch of updates :

 The ipv6 inetpeer support changes this merge window introduced a
few regressions, sorry about that, but all of the ones I am aware
of should be completely fixed here.

We also have a bug fix for an 11 year old TCP bug, that to me is
the definition of "awesome"

1) INET peer cache releases ipv6 peers using ipv4 tree root, oops.
   Based upon a report by Eric Dumazet.

2) GRO packet merging bug fix from Michal Schmidt.  If the GRO code
   gets a linear SKB then a paged one, we merge incorrectly.  This is
   possible with the SFC driver which packages RX frames dynamically
   based upon a flow's behavior.

3) /proc/net/tcp optimization regression fix, we walk the listener hash
   incorrectly such that if there are enough sockets we can loop
   essentially forever.  Fix from Eric Dumazet.

4) The ipv6 inetpeer support wants to always attach peers to cached routes
   only.  This is almost always true, except for some special case situations
   wrt. local network routes.  Fix by always cloning these routes into
   RTF_CACHE ones.  Based upon a report by PK 

5) Due to some merging side effects, we ended up undoing a memory clear for
   the ethtool get-regs request structure.  One change (the original fix)
   went kmalloc --> kzalloc, the other change did kmalloc --> vmalloc,
   and this wasn't caught during the merge (my bad).  Luckily Eugene Teo caught
   it and submitted thsi fix.

6) Like ipv4 ipsec routes, ipv6 ones must propagate the inetpeer binding from
   the non-ipsec child route.

7) Fix tg3 driver VLAN regressions reported by Eric Dumazet by converting over
   to the new VLAN driver interface framework.  From Matt Carlson.

8) Fix a TCP bug that causes erroneous resets to be emitted on the
   final "data + FIN" packet.  This bug dates back to January, 2000 :-)
   Fix from Jerry Chu.

9) Revert a set of ipv6 interface address semantic changes from last
   January that have broken several things, in particular the "disable_ipv6"

10) at91_can driver chip bug errata handling from Marc Kleine-Budde.

11) New softing CAN driver from Kurt Van Dijck.

12) arp_ioctl() locking regression fix from Eric Dumazet based upon a report
    by Jamie Heilman.

13) atm idt77105 driver copies wrong stats back to userspace, fix from
    Vasiliy Kulikov.

14) Work cancelling fixup in pch_gbe from Tejun Heo.

15) CNIC endianness bug fix from Michael Chan, based upon a report by Breno

16) BNX2 driver barks in logs about AER even on platforms where AER isn't even
    supported, fix from Michael Chan.

17) cxgb4 driver need to call netif_carrier_off() after registering the device,
    not before.

18) bonding crashes because it performs pskb_may_pull() potentially on shared
    SKBs, fix from Neil Horman.

19) All packet schedulers that can drop previously enqueued packets over-estimate
    their stats because the rules concerning bstats updates keep up from being
    able to undo the increment at drop time.  This makes accurate rate estimation
    et al. basically impossible.  Fix this by creating a helper function and
    doing the bstats increment at dequeue instead of enqueue time, this way the
    dropped frames do not accidently get into the state.  From Eric Dumazet.

20) Various bluetooth regression and memory leak fixes from Alexander Holler,
    Gustavo F. Padovan, David Sterba, Johan Hedberg, and Lukas Turek.

21) EEPROM reading fix for older iwlwifi devices from Wey-Yi Guy.

22) Disable PARPD on ath9k wireless, it is causing regressions in both
    connectivity and performance.  From Luis R. Rodriguez.

23) Missing dev_alloc_skb() error checking in rtlwifi, from Jesper Juhl.

24) ieee80211_beacon_get_tim() crash fix from Felix Fietkau.

Please pull, thanks a lot! 

-We stay in the land of pull requests, fixes, patches and improvements
: Chris Ball announces MMC fixes for -rc3, the Tegra tree also
has updates from Colin Cross, Sage Weil updated the ceph tree for -rc3
and Takashi Iwai is back with minor sound fixes, also for 2.6.38-rc3.

-Here’s the closing of this week’s edition, have a peaceful weekend everyone.
Cya next week.

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