OpenSUSE kernel news – 04.09.2010

Posted: August 28, 2010 in kernel, OpenSUSE

Hello world and welcome! Let’s dig into this week’s latest news regarding kernel development…

-Eric Paris has some fixes for the notification tree, as he explains (“The most
serious bug (and only one affecting inotify and dnotify rather
than requiring fanotify to break something) was actually fixed
accidentally in “fsnotify: fix ignored mask handling between inode and
vfsmount marks”. It was possible for inotify to get events it didn’t
request or even events with a 0 mask.

The only other interesting note is that “fanotify: resize pid and
reorder structure” will require users to rebuild any fanotify listeners.
It’s an ABI change, not an API change, which should help us improve
performance in the future on strict alignment platforms (without
breaking ABI)”), Takashi Iwai posted some sound fixes (“small and trivial fixes”),
David Miller has some networking tree updates – a rather long list, this time , and
Stefan Richter came up with fixes to the firewire tree (three of them, to be precise).

-Nicholas Bellinger announces the release of TCM/LIO v. 4.0.0-rc3 for the -rc3 kernel, listing
the following updates and fixes :
“I am very pleased to announce that TCM/LIO v4.0.0-rc3 for the 2.6.36-rc3 kernel
has been pushed into lio-core-2.6.git/lio-4.0. Along with the numerous bugfixes
listed in the shortlog below, the main cleanups and features since v4.0.0-rc2
was released earlier this month include:

*) Major cleanups of TCM/pSCSI struct scsi_device registration code (hch assist)
*) Remove legacy linux_blockdevice_[claim,release]() usage (hch assist)
*) Fix struct se_mem memory mapping across N struct se_task for
max_sectors=255 backstores
*) Conversion of TCM Core to follow mainline convention and use
include/linux/scatterlist.h wrappers wherever possible.
*) Add proper 4k -> 512 block_size conversion for TCM/IBLOCK (jaxboe assist)
*) New script and mini-HOWTO for generating new
TCM fabric modules with functional+runnable configfs skeletons
*) TCM level SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE_* emulation w/ support for WriteCache and
FUA WRITE emulation with FILEIO and IBLOCK subsystem plugins. (hch assist)

A big thanks (again) to hch, jaxboe, and everyone involved in this release
for their very gracious help and feedback!”

-Other fixes/pull requests/RFCs et al. : Eric Van Hensbergen with a git pull request for the 9p tree,
Larry Finger announced a new, updated driver for Realtek 8192 USB devices, driver named r8712u,
released with permission from Realtek, Benjamin Herrenschmidt with a few PowerPC fixes,
Tejun Heo announced fixes for the workqueue and percpu trees and Mike Frysinger – blackfin.

-Linus announced 2.6.36-rc3 with the following words :
“You all know the drill by now: another week, another -rc.

Nothing in particular stands out that I can recall. As usual, it’s
mostly driver updates (65%), of which a large piece (by line count) is
just the removal of a staging driver that isn’t really ready nor
making any progress. But on the “somewhat more likely to cause
excitement” front, there’s some radeon/nouveau drm updates too.

Outside of drivers, you have CIFS, ceph and xfs filesystem updates,
and sparc/blackfin on the arch side. And various random noise –
networking, fsnotify, an anonvma locking fix etc. The appended
shortlog gives a fairly good idea of what kinds of things have been
going on.

Anyway, I’m hoping it is going to be an extremely boring -rc, because
I’m just about to leave for LinuxCon Brazil, and while I’ll follow
issues over email, I’m not planning to do any pulls for the next week.”

-Jesse Barnes announced fixes for the PCI tree, comprised of “a major bugfix” and
some code cleanups, Robert Richter posted fixes for oprofile, Steven Rostedt has
few rounds of fixes for his usual trees (perf/core, mainly) and John W. Linville posts
a bunch of wireless fixes intended for 2.6.36.

-From the series “other news concerning commits, bugfixes, RFCs et al.”, we
give you Paul McKenney – rcu/urgent, Namhyung Kim with a series of 24 code cleanups
to ptrace, Matthieu Desnoyers announcing the release of LTTng v. 0.229 and David Miller
with a pull request updating the networking tree.

May you have a peaceful weekend everyone!


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