OpenSUSE kernel news – 28.08.2010

Posted: August 22, 2010 in kernel, OpenSUSE

Hello, folks and welcome to this week’s kernel news, served OpenSUSE-style!

-We begin with Ryusuke Konishi’s pull request for nilfs2, “which corrects sync failure of discard in
nilfs”; in other startup news, Pekka Enberg has also a pull request for the slab tree (-rc2) and Avi
Kivity updates the kvm git tree for -rc1 with a few regression fixes.

-Linus Torvalds, the man himself, announced 2.6.36-rc2 with the following (rather lengthy)
announcement :

“Another week, another -rc. I didn’t really ever get around to
announcing -rc1 when I released it, and we had enough niggling small
problems (like a memory corruptor in the HID layer that ended up
causing some random problems etc) there that I never got around to
fixing that lack of announcement. And hopefully -rc2 is a good point
to correct the lack of earlier commentary.

The main commentary about it is that I’ll be back in “fairly strict”
mode as of -rc2. IOW, send me regression fixes only. Really. I already
dropped some git pull requests that were a bit too obviously new
feature stuff after the merge window closed, but I let some others
through (in some cases because I really wanted the features, like some
of the VFS pulls). But no more. I’m going to be pretty strict about
just taking real fixes. I think it helped during the 2.6.35
stabilization window, and so I think it’s worth doing for 2.6.36 too.

Apart from the VFS updates (that bring in just a small part of Nick’s
scalability patch, and sadly not the most interesting part), the other
big merge in -rc2 is the intel graphics update. I’m not hugely happy
about the timing of it, but I think I needed to pull it. Apart from
that, there’s a number of random fixes all over, the appended shortlog
gives you a taste of it.

Going back to -rc1 – the big “fundamental” things merged this merge
window were likely

(a) fanotify (and I really am not going to take another notification
rewrite for a couple of _years_ now. Enough is enough. If this isn’t
good enough, then the next time around somebody wants to rejigger the
notification layer, they had better have some d*mn strong arguments.)

(b) the workqueue work. Let’s hope this really gets rid of various
ad-hoc subsystem per-CPU threads etc.

(c) various VM layer updates (writeback and oom) that I hope will be
much less painful than they were for 2.6.35.

but as usual, the bulk of the updates were just all the normal driver
updates. The arch subdirectory shrunk by an appreciable amount due to
continuing defconfig cleanups, but the driver additions more than made
up for the lines deleted in defconfigs.

Go forth and test,


-Dave Airlie has a DRM pull request – “Mostly radeon and nouveau regression fixes + one AGP regression fix, along
with the information leak + not possible but should be checked for corruption.”, Frederic Weisbecker comitted an
improvement to the perf tree regarding the callchain, plus few other fixes, Michal Marek updated kbuild for -rc2 and
Takashi Iwai, of course posted another round fixes.

-David Miller updated the networking tree with quite a bulky summary, as you can read :
“1) We changes lots of things to use “__packed” instead of “__attribute__((packed))”
but this doesn’t work out so well in user exported headers since the __packed
define comes from compiler.h

The easiest way to fix this regression is to revert this transformation in
user visible headers. Fix from Changli Gao.

2) RDS leaks kernel memory, also transmit and statistic gathering race fixes
in irda, qlnic, and netxen. All from Eric Dumazet.

3) Fix lockdep spew in netxen, from Amit Kumar Salecha.

4) CONFIG_COMPAT accidently got broken by 2.6.35 changes, regression fix from
Florian Westphal.

5) Wireless log message regression fix from Joe Perches.

6) Fix iwlwifi 3945 filter flag regression and really fix netlink
compat layer handling. Both from Johannes Berg.

7) 82573 e1000e chips need ASPM L1 disabled, also don’t check for ALT mac addresses
on chips that lack support for it. Both fixes from Bruce Alan.

8) ll_temac ->poll_controller() passes wrong pointer to interrupt handler, fix from
Michal Simek.

9) When VLAN comes up it should have carrier state matching underlying device,
from Phil Oester.

10) Some ISDN driver missing PCMCIA dependency breaking the build, from Randy Dunlap.

11) New driver for PXA168 ethernet chips. From Sachin Sanap.

12) OOPS fix on ibmveth mtu change, from Robert Jennings.

13) iwlwifi resets too aggressively on chips that share ASIC logic with
a bluetooth implementation, use a longer monitor timer for such chips.
Fix from Wey-Yi Guy.

14) PHY locking fix in bxn2x from Yaniv Rosner.”

-Greg KH updated the USB, TTY, driver-core and staging trees with some not-so-major fixes (-rc2),
Benjamin Herrenschmidt requested a pull for the powerpc tree (“Here’s a few powerpc bits & fixes for 2.6.36,
some of them for some of the new stuff that went in, along with the powerpc rwsem update to
atomic_long_t (not yet moved to asm-generic) and wiring up of some new syscalls.”), also, speaking of
architecture-related tree updates, David Miller updated the sparc tree with 64-bit specific bits :) and
in the same key, Martin Schidefsky updated the s390 tree with a pull update request comprising just a few

-Ingo Molnar requested git pulls for the core (kinda a regression fix) and perf (couple of fixes) trees, Greg KH
started the stable review cycle for (114 patches), (91 patches), (59 patches) and (8 patches), Samuel Thibault announced loadlin 1.6e – a few bugfixes and Dave Chinner posted a
pull requestwith xfs fixes for -rc3.

-Jeremy Fitzhardinge has a pull request for the Xen tree fixing an old bug causing hangs after a variable period of time :
“We worked out the root cause was that it was incorrectly treating Xen
events as level rather than edge triggered interrupts, which works fine
unless you’re handling one interrupt, the interrupt gets migrated to
another cpu and then re-raised. This ends up losing the interrupt
because the edge-triggering of the second interrupt is lost.

The other change changes IPI and VIRQ event sources to use
handle_percpu_irq, because treating them as level is also wrong, and
they’re actually inherently percpu events, much like LAPIC vectors.

I’d like to get this fix into the current kernel and into stable sooner
rather than later.”

-Jeff Grazik posted libata fixes (a change to the winbond drivers and smallish fixes), Dmitry Torokhov has some
fixes for the input git tree, Boris Petkov comes up with MCE fixes for amd64 (-rc3) and Sage Weil posted fixes for
the ceph tree, also targetted at 2.6.36-rc3.

-Other fixes/pull requests/patches : Tony Lindgren – omap (2.6.36), Namhyung Kim – ptrace cleanups (43 patches) and
Guenther Roeck – patches to the lm90 driver.

That’s all folks for this week, see ya next time!

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